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 Hey guys, today I’m going to tell you ten different ways that you can use whatsapp to practice French or any other language. So, first of all, if you’re not familiar with whatsapp, it’s just an application that you download to your phone to be able to communicate to people. So, how can you use that app to be able to practice French or any other language. Let me give you ten different ways you can do that.


The first thing you can do is you can record an audio message for a person. So, you hopefully have people that you’re practicing the language with, friends that you’ve made that you’re practicing French or any other language. Well, you can record an audio that they can listen to on their timing, and then they can send you one. The cool thing about that is that you’re working on practicing, talking, pronunciation, but also on the listening comprehension.You can record your own message and they can listen to it, and there’s nothing written. You can also do it in a writing where it’s more of like a Siri type, but here I’m talking about just like something they could press play.


The second thing with these different friends that you are communicating with in French or any other language that you’re practicing, is to send each other different interesting and entertaining videos in that language.


The third thing is you could send each other different quotes, different images that have some maybe a joke on it. But you can send those to each other. Of course, all that is should be written in French or, again the language that you’re practicing.


The forth thing, and a friend of mine actually recently did this, is to send each other podcast that you might want to save and listen to it later. It could be something to do with how if there’s something motivating, but you’re just sharing each other those podcasts. And then you’re able to know where to find them.

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The fifth one obviously is just calling each other by using whatsapp, that’s an easy way to be able to practice directly.


You can also practice and by seeing the person a video call as well. That it’s another way, different than talking on the phone. An advantage of that, especially for visual learners. If it’s the person is native, you’re going to learn a lot from their facial expressions.

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Seventh way, that is you have a group of native French friends that you communicate with. And, so you’re all on this group, sharing each other. Everything, as much as you want. We have several groups that we are in, and one of them I just call la bonne franquette, the good French way, and it’s just great because we’re sending each other all this information, especially during this confinement period. We’re just sending from jokes to just information, it’s so much fun. Side notes, if you are a part of groups that are skin inundated with just different alerts, is you can mute them or not. I get the notification and just what you know look through them the messages at your own convenience.


The eighth thing that you can do is find other students that are practicing the language that you wish to practice maintain, and create a group with them. So you could sending each other different videos, different lesson components, anything it’s gonna review the language. This is really useful, especially if you’re trying to review different components of a certain topics.

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The nineth thing that you can do an especially if you are communicating with people that are in a country that speaks that language, such as maybe Quebec, or I don’t know. You can ask them to send you their location, and then you can look it up on a map and do a whole geography. Discovery through, possibly, Google Earth by seeing where their location is. They can send it to you. So you’re discovering more about the french-speaking world or can be Spanish or German or whatever language that you are practicing. But you’re really able to look at it from the point of view of a map. And so you learn so much from that.


The last ten thing that you can do, is you can send each other different documents, so possibly if it’s a lesson, or something interesting that is in that language, you could send it. It could even be a recipe.  

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So ,those are 10 different things that you can do to start practicing language by simply using an application called whatsapp.

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