About this blog

Is this blog for you?

  • You are starting or you want to improve your level in French
  • You are often lost when you speak French
  • You do not understand the grammar and conjugation rules
  • You make mistakes in the sentence structure
  • You want to learn while having fun but you cannot do it

So this blog set is for you!

I share with you content to learn and improve French :

  • The grammar and conjugation rules
  • The spelling rules
  • The vocabulary
  • And other content related to the French language

If you are a beginner, have a look at the beginner's page.

Who am I ?

My name is Thomas Ricomard, I am French and I teach French as a foreign language through my blog. I have a master's degree in cognitive psychology and a literary bachelor's degree.
I am passionate about learning languages and how to teach French.

The Fast French Learning Method

I am creating my method to learn and improve French quickly while having fun, I want to create a method that responds precisely to your needs.


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I thank all the students I teach French to, for their passion of the French language and the pleasure I have to teach them 🙂