About this blog

Is this blog for you?

  • You are starting or you want to improve your level in French
  • You are often lost when you speak French
  • You do not understand the grammar and conjugation rules
  • You make mistakes in the sentence structure
  • You want to learn while having fun but you cannot do it

So this blog set is for you!

This blog is born from the desire to progress together in language learning, by sharing with you articles about :

  • Language learning techniques
  • Anatomy and physiology of the auditory system and the speech apparatus
  • Acoustics
  • Communication

By providing you with content to learn French :

  • The grammar and conjugation rules
  • The spelling rules
  • The vocabulary

I got a master’s degree in clinical and cognitive psychology and a literary bachelor’s degree.
I am passionate about learning languages and how to teach them.
I work as a teacher of French as a foreign language.

Let’s find out together how to improve language learning 🙂 !

Who am I ?

My name is Thomas Ricomard, I am French and I live in Geneva (Switzerland) for 7 years. It is an international city where more than half of the population is foreign, I met Americans, English, Canadians, South Americans, Spaniards,… I discovered the richness and the pleasure of intercultural exchanges. To be able to communicate I had to improve my English, for that I participate in Meet-Up, linguistic exchanges, I watch movies and put into practice different techniques that I share with you.

The Fast French Learning Method

I am creating my method to learn French quickly while having fun, I need you to create a method that responds precisely to your needs.


I would like to thank the Geneva digital nomad team who support me and encourage me in the realization of my project 🙂


To contact me, please use the form :

Your comments or questions are welcome.

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