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 Learn French Verbs Conjugation with ease!!!
Conjugaison makes practicing any verb fun and easy.
With smart testing, verb lookup and a built-in dictionary, take your French to the next level today!!!

Feature highlights :

Look up correct verb endings for over 600 common lexicon in the verb table.

Fully personalised study, including tenses, verb types as well as specific verbs to focus on Built-in

French – English dictionary and conjugation search/look up


Intelligently tests you on the verbs you need to practice the most

Included Tenses :
Passé composé

Upgrade to unlock
Conditionnel présent  
Subjonctif présent  
Subjonctif présent
Conditionnel présent
Futur antérieur
Passé simple
Passé antérieur
Subjonctif passé composé
Subjonctif imparfait
Subjonctif plus-que-parfait
Conditionnel passé

Included Verb Types:
-re  irrégulier

Here are reviews :

Great app!  Excellent app! Conjugation is usually the reason why so many people give up on learning French! This app is easy, we can /select tenses we want to work on and do it gradually, while acquiring lexicon at the same time. For Romance language speakers we can spot similarities and learn intuitively especially with the regular verbs, once that’s done we can work on the irregular verbs which is the most difficult bit. No time is wasted as we can copy and paste, set our daily goals and it keeps track of our progress and frequency. I really like this app overall and recommend it.

I bought this app 3 years ago to help with my A-Level French, and I am now returning to it to  improve the knowledge I had forgotten! The in app purchase of £5 is absolutely worth it, or the free version would be great for pupils needing to master the basics of French. I love that you can choose specific verbs to focus on, or specific tenses, and the ‘copy’ feature is especially helpful, meaning you don’t have to write out the same stem of the verb 6 times. It has all the tenses you could ever really need, and each comes with an explanation of when it is used. For verbs, its translation is given and a full verb table of conjugated forms is available to access at any time, so when you really can’t remember something you don’t have to leave the app to find the correct answer. I hope to continue using this app for a long time !

Amazing app  As an a level French pupils this app saved my life and is definitely worth the purchase for the full version. It makes verbs simple and is a great learning tool. You also learn verbs along the way and the personalisation and levels are great. I am at university now and still use this app to keep up my French. I am so happy it exists and 100% recommend!!!! It’s a god send

Become the French Verb Master!

Stop struggling with remembering the right verb or the right verb as you learn and speak French. Master this challenging area of the language with French Verb Master.

One part reference, and one part trainer, French Verb Master is an essential tool in your toolbox:

+ Comprehensive: Hundreds of the most often used Verbs
+ Rapid: fast search and filtering to find what you are looking for
+ Focused: common usage ranking helps you focus on what verbs are used most often

+ Guided: Comprehensive training plan guides you through to mastery
+ Sustained Learning: Scheduled reviews and revisions to move you to the next level
+ Fun: Challenging and entertaining exercises to sharpen your abilities

Upgrade To PLUS – Support future development and unlock your true Verbmaster potential.

– Hundreds of more verbs
– More Custom Training options
– Extended training course including dozens of more lessons
– Study based on Verb Patterns

This is a one-time upgrade and will include lifetime updates.

Don’t hesitate to rate us if you think that Verbmaster is a great app and helps you learn or improve your French. Merci for your support and happy learning!
If you have any issues or comments please contact us directly at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Your feedback is important so we can focus on improving the app all the time.

Students: learning French ppt power point for vocabulary, conjugation

Get the FREE version of the most sophisticated French verb app on Google Play.

Unlimited different questions on 300 of the most used verbs, in all the major tenses.

Improving your French is a fun and rewarding activity, but learning French verbs can be a pain.

For English speakers learning their first foreign language, the burden of learning verb can make communication impossible and attempts at conversation frustrating.

For centuries, effective learning of French has involved repetition and self-testing of the different verbs by the pupils in his own time. Now this process has been brought up to date with VerbSquirt.

Included in the free version:

300 verbs in the most important tenses for everyday communication.

Integrated learning exercises to test your knowledge of the different verbs and tenses and to track your progress

Over 1,000,000 different test questions possible for each verb

How VerbSquirt works

The need to conjugate French verbs on the fly can make spontaneous conversation difficult for even intermediate people of French.
VerbSquirt’s approach is to simulate the rapid recall and listening skills needed for a conversation involving French verbs, and to help the user improve those skills.
Instead of asking for verbs based on a particular tense, VerbSquirt challenges the user to find the closest possible French transcription for the English action they want to describe, or to identify the closest English translation for a particular action in French.
Once fluency improves, VerbSquirt helps the user gain familiarity with the different rules of verb for French verbs, and with the exceptions, leading to a better understanding of the subtleties of the language.

Beginner, students : lingling learn French for vocabulary

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