In this video what I’m going to show you is that I’m going to show you 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 apps that you can put on your smartphone. You can use to learn French. So, those are apps that I use or I used personally or that I’m going to recommend to you as well. And you’re going to see there are a couple of alternatives for the ones that you want. So, let’s get into the topic of this week’s video. And so 7 apps the first app that I’m going to show you I’m showing you on my computer but you can totally put them on your phone it’s just that it’s a little bit more practical this way.

1 – WordReference

So, the first app that is according to me and I think personally one of the best apps that you can get on your phone if you are learning any language and it is Word is free dictionary for English French, but they also have you know plenty of other languages if you click here you have to have Spanish, they have Catalan, German, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, Portuguese, you know they have tons in terms of languages. So, whatever your native language is you can actually translate words into French with work reference which is what why it is so great. And I’m recommending word reference specifically because in word reference you get actually more than just translation. It’s a dictionary which means that you have examples. You have the function and well no not the function the nature of the words that you are looking for example this word in specifically tondeuse depending on you know the context is banana feminine noun. Okay so, that you know how to use it if you know a bit your grammar you know how to use it and how to form sentences with it according to the nature of the word. You have several translation / per word because of obviously in French and in any other language one word does not equal one meaning, right ? And so, one English word does not equal one French word. So, you’re gonna have to find the right one and what reference is gonna help you do that. Much more than what Google Translate could do to you. Google Translate has some advantages too as well but I’d rather you use word references when you are looking for words rather than Google Translate and now probably make a video on how to use Google Translate properly. So, that was the first app that you need to have on your phone it’s word reference.

2 – Anki

Then you have an key actually I have a couple of alternate that I have three apps and you can choose whatever apps you prefer. There’s Anki, Anki is enabling you to create a stack of words or flashcards actually works exactly like flashcards. Enki memorize and tiny cards which I’m going to show you in a minute are all flashcard sort of apps. So, you create stacks and then you learn from the flashcards according to the last time that you learned them if you remember them or not. And he is enable you to do that on n key what actually is interesting is that you can find stacks that people have already done. So, you know you don’t have to create your own stack but you can create also your own stack of flashcards if you want, which I will I am going to recommend to you if you want to learn French and be able to speak French where for whatever specific goal you have in mind. So, there is evil for you if you are looking for a flashcard app Anki.

3 – Memrise

Then there is Memrize. Memrize is a little bit more design than Anki you know it’s a little bit more user-friendly in a lot of ways I prefer Memrize personally but that’s totally up to you. On Memrize you are going to find stacks of things already done and I believe that on the free version you can do your stack as well. Anki is totally free by the way there is no like paying anything. On Memrize you can you know have a premium sort of thing. I believe if I’m not mistaken you know I haven’t used those apps in a while because I’m using drops will travel which I’ll show you in a bit. For learning swedish. But with memorized you know you it’s exactly the same principle as Anki you create stacks of cars and you have to learn them to not forget them or to you know review them not to forget them. So, here you choose your language so here again they have different languages you know French they also have Arabic, polish, Chinese, Russian, Icelandic, Slovenian which usually is not so it’s not so representative in representated in language learning apps Swedish, Korean and etc etc. So, you choose your language and you go on with memorize again it’s available I’m showing you the websites but you can totally download this on your phone or on your on your phone actually on your smartphone or on your tablet.

4 – Tinycards

The third app that is you know flashcard based is the app by Duolingo and it is Tinycard. It’s the revenue app I believe it was launched last year or the year before so it’s not it hasn’t been as long around for as long as Memrize or Anki for example. But, it’s interesting here they call the this tax decks. So, on tiny cards you go and you create your stacks yourself or you search for some. It’s not entirely just for languages as is memorizing Anki. So, you can actually learn plenty of different things on there. But, what I like about tiny cards is the real simplicity of the thing. You know it’s like Duolingo it’s very designed it’s maybe a bit childish but at least you know it’s not overly complicated and there isn’t a lot of different features that you can you know mess up with or or you know all the things. This is straight forward kind of learning with Tinycards. So, for the three flash cards kind of app you have Anki, Memrize and Tinycards.Nnow, there are two apps that I’m going to recommend to you if you want to like have some sort of a learning place where you go when you learn words. So, not necessity from flash cards because those flash cards you are going to fill with the words that you learn. And there are two apps that they’re both very well-known.

5 – Duolingo

Its Duolingo obviously it’s you know very popular and for good reason. If you are a beginner then I suggest you start at least with duolingo a bit so that you get to know you get to you know type and ask questions and things like this in French and you get to hear what certain words sound like as well. On Duolingo you’re not going to find a specific you know explanation about grammar or pronunciation and all of this but you are going to learn sentences and words. And you are going to revise them and review them until you really know them. So, it’s a good idea to start for a few months with Duolingo every day. And it’s actually fun to do so I don’t know why you wouldn’t do it.

6 – Drops

My favorite actually act like this is Drops. I prefer Drops to Duolingo because I can actually choose the theme that I’m learning from the beginning. From Duolingo you sort of have a tree and you have to follow everything if you want to go to the next level afterwards or more or less everything. On Drops you can really you know you pick for example tourist words or food words or essential words and you have five minutes per day for free and I believe that’s just enough to get started and to get a few words like comment ça va ?,… All those things that those essential things that you generally start with when you’re starting a language although you don’t have to. On Drops you’re going to find them but you’re also going to be able to add over themes over specific things for example if you want to learn French to be able to speak for your family then probably the tourist thing is not going to be good for you just you know do the food thing instead at the beginning. Do the food stack and learn how to say a fork you know you can see them here so it’s the first examples that come to mind but a fork an egg bread things like this this is the kind of vocabulary you are likely to actually use more if you want to learn French with your family.

So, drops if you want to be specific from the beginning. Duolingo if you look into you know get a feel of what a language actually is like. So, those are the two apps if you want to learn and then once you learn a few words once you have memorized them with those flashcard apps once you have you know word reference next to you so that you can feel strong and supported you can start speaking with people. It doesn’t have to be you know don’t panic doesn’t have to be huge conversation from the beginning. You can just be a little hello how are you I’m my name is okay.And on HelloTalk you can do that.

7 – HelloTalk

Okay, HelloTalk though is a sort of community of people, so you’re going to find a lot of different people it’s can be hard if you want to find a pin pad for example or someone to follow you around for a long time. But, you can totally train the basics with people on HelloTalk and that’s it. So, once you know enough to be able to have a short conversation just train it straight away. Even better than HelloTalk would be to actually take a teacher that would be amazing and for that you have other websites such as Italki or even you know just speaking.

So that’s it 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 5 6 7. 7 apps.