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A spaced repetition system app that is fun to use : LINGVIST

If you want to learn a language and you are serious about that goal, let us have a look at a language specific flashcards app that is fun to use. Lingvist is a high level flashcards style words building tool. But it has some additional features, it is not a full language acquisition program like Babbel or Busuu. In my opinion a newbie to proficient learning program does not yet exist, but Busuu is as close as anything comes, it is just still not quite there. It is not competing with Busuu, they are seperate things they are used for different purposes. Lingvist is best used to improve your words in a language that you already have some understanding. The ceiling is so high, it feels like a program for intermediate to advanced people rather than just newbies. Lingvist is more effective the more advanced a personn you are. It asks you to take a test, if you have already studied the language, it is a reasonably in-depth test and it keeps assessing your level as long as it is taking that test. And it pintpoint me exactly. After that it is drilling you on stuff that you did not know. And on top of that its method for teaching words is very subtly effective, it gives you a few shots as soon as you have gotten it wrong, so the first thing that happens after you get it wrong is that you get it right. And then two or three questions later it will ask you that again. A side note to that, I did have another account where I pretended not to know any French, just to see if the level would be more basic, but as soon as I got a couple of questions right it said it looks as if you know some French and it started bringing me up to things that I did not know, It is very clever.

There is also a totally optional comprehensive explanations of grammar arranged by category.

ANKI and LinQ

With ANKI and LinQ you are basically always been asked to assess yourself : « Did you know this word ? Did you not know this word ? This word was it a bit familiar to you ? Was it very familiar to you ? Did you almost have it ? » It is technically more accurate. There is no free version of LinQ (you need to get a subscription) that you can use to do what the program is meant to do. Technically you can use the material on LinQ for free, but you cannot create more than 20 links which means you can just read the material. If you want to use it, to create links, you can sign up (subscription) for one year at 9 USD a month or 2 years at 8 USD a month, or just one month for 13 USD. The free version of LinQ is useless, I do not like there is no free trial, and it is more expensive than Lingvist. The free version of Lingvist is pretty decent.

Here are some testimonials about Lingvist :

I totally recommend the application! But I have two wishes. WISH 1: I wish there was a section in the application where there’s empty cards and you write down the words and its meaning to learn at school. WISH 2: I wish there was a button to hear the whole sentence WHENEVER you WANT

Beginner, learners : guide to learning French for beginners for vocabulary

In the past 3 days Lingvist has improved my grammar noticably. ( This is however, my experience. Yours might differ) 9/10 (only because synonyms are often marked as wrong) I would definitely buy Premium if my pocket would allow.

C’est bien ! Works well and helps me learn words fast and easy! It repeats words and phrases youve gotten wrong and strengthens memory.

Ooo I love this application. It’s been helping me learn better than duolingo has/was. It’s quite pleasant visually, and very simple but also elaborate.

Really nice to be able to see tables of a verb showing how to use it in different cases. Really digging that feature !

Learners : how to learn French language at home for lessons and vocabulary

Trully scientific approach. A mastermind who gently pushes you through your learning process. Great Job! Looking forward for new languages in this application.

It is easy to learn bc you can hear the pronounciation, learn the words and how to use them in a sentence A negative argument is that sometimes it didn’t as expected but nobody explain the grammar rules and why it is wrong.

One of the best application. The only “downside” would be the fact that it is hard to navigate through the different parts of the Grammar section, but you can get used to it. Maybe a search bar for a variety of topics could be useful or progressive disclosure variety of topics. But that’s just my opinion.

Such a great application for learning new words. I love the way of the application teaching me, it helps me remember new worlds very fast.

Learners : how to learn to read French in 1 month for lessons
and vocabulary

This is by far the best language learning application I’ve ever installed. It really got everything and the presentation of the content / design is very clear. I can fully recommend it. 🙂

Really enjoying this application. Engaging and addictive. Hope you’re working on some new cool features, you guys seem to know what you’re doing.

Really great application ! My Spanish language learning is getting better now by knowing new words and practicing everyday. But I think free courses will be much better!! Thank you.

Please, don’t change anything in this application. It’s absolutely perfect and gorgeous application for someone, who appreciate study effectively and faster. The best application ever! Thank you so much.

Beginner, students : best books for learning French easily for pronunciation

Splendid reinforcement of words through a very sophisticated spaced repetition system !

I love the idea of it and it’s very helpful to understand structure of sentences.

Love it! Very engaging. Makes you naturally come back.

I love this application very much! It has all the verbs and conjugation. Can you Please add Italian so that we can learn it. It’s hard to find an application just like this one with all these features.

Students : best books to learn French fluently for pronunciation, resources

Have a look at the others articles to get a better comprehension of the French language, a deeper comprehension, more explanations, more translation. To be able to have better conversations and deeper conversations, without doing the translation in your head. To get more fluency, more fluency when you are speaking French. To see more resources. To be able to speak easily with native speakers, to be among the good speakers. To be your own teacher, to not need teacher anymore.

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