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Best free app for android to learn French for travel for pronunciation,
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An app to get more fluency in speaking French.

He is talking about why this application is the best language learning application for him

A well-thought application

What makes it so much better than Rosetta stone, Memrise… any language learning program, any program designed to teach languages faces the same problem, it is a constant battle for the program between achieve ability, content and features. The more content there is the less achieve ability and the less features there are, and the more features the less content, the less achieve ability, etc… Busuu is the best at balancing those three facettes and that balance is key. The problem when you start a language, a language is like an ocean, it is a little bit harder to learn than another thing. The basics do not come first and a lot of programs can never get passed this and they want to give you two pages explanation for why the French say je m’appelle instead of saying je appelle moi or j’appelle moi or je suis or a dozen of other variations that it could be. Before the language newbie has even learned to introduce themselves they have gotten bored, there is no shallow end for learning a language. That is why some application starts with « a boy, a girl, an apple, the boy has an apple », etc,… But I want to learn how to introduce myself and ask someone their name. To summarize, the balance things for this application is ok, the first course is short but useful, you can easily remember it and it makes you want to continue. The second exercise is a tiny bit longer,… It is a very well-balanced application. What does achieveing something mean ? For other application, achieving something is to take a sentence like « my name is Paul, nice to meet you » and translate it into French. Putting aside for a second the fact that you are writing it and not necessarily saying it, when it comes to speaking French in the real world, you will not be prompted with an English sentence first, which means there si no right answer, there is no right way to talk in the real world. This application occasionaly asks you to translate but much more often it asks you to think. It asks you to do things that you actually have to do when you come to speak the language in real, such as inferring meaning, listening for the context, these are completely necessary and very powerful techniques when you are new to a language. Very few programs actually teach them, this application incorporates those things into the course. So that is a feature that does not get in the way of achieve ability, in fact soemtimes it enhances achieve ability. It does slighty detract from content because you cannot have 180 course that are as in-depth as Busuu’s exercises. But if it is 80 courses of this application and that are actually legitimately useful and good exercises and 200 Duolingo courses, I know which one I would take.

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Now I mentionne the best thing : speaking ! At the end of every unit, to complete it, you have to answer to an open question but you also have the option of recording one, using a microphone or your phone. It is an open question, so it does not just say « What is the French for « my name is ? » ». It says « introduce yourself in French » and you can be as creative as like with that, and then native speakers, others users get send your answer and can correct it, they can record their own corrections if they want to, they can give feedback. You can also going into a full talk about what you said and wether or not it is a fitting thing to say. As a newbie you can be lazy and just record some rubbish and wait for it to be corrected. Me, I sit there working on what I am going to say and repeating it over and over until I think it is perfect. Like all application you can use it well or you can use it badly. That feature tells that some other applications are not serious about teaching languages, otherwise they would have adopted that feature. We see all the vocabulary and grammar that you learn in a natural setting that is not too advanced for where you are up to. So you will learn some new concepts, you will learn some new words, you will see a conversations which uses those words and those concepts many times in the one conversations. None of that will get overwhelming. At the end of that you will be asked to use it yourself. So you are not going to remember everything that you learn while you are learning a language, but everyone says that repetition is the key. Repetition does work but you do not need nearly as much repetition of what you are learning if what you are learning makes sense to you, and it is organized logically and demands that you use it. The reason that you Duolingo says « the boy has a red apple » so many times is that wo do not know this boy, we do not care about this apple or what colour is it. You do not need 50 repetitions. If you think « how do I say I have one brother and two sisters and they live in the USA », you will remember that because that is relevant to you. Also the exercises are categorized into four main levels of difficulty : A1, A2, B1 and B2.

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You set up your own study plan

Another feature is that it lets you set a study plan and it tells you how long until you achieve your goal if you are to stick with that plan. And it tells how much you are doing everyday and every week whether you are doing less than you said you do or more than you said you do. It is still timing you all the time you are using it. You can see your progress, but not in a fake way like some other programs and you know and more importantly you feel that you really speak the language in that time. You are so much more likely to do it. There are also certificates at the end of each level, but they do not just give them to you, you have to take a test and you cannot redo the test immediately, you have to wait two weeks before doing it again.  The certificate does not mean anything in the real world but is means something to you and that is important.

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