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12 free digital tools to help you learn French


It is a world pronunciation depository, so if you come across some word that could be pronounced « shoes » or « shower » or semething else, Forvo can save you from this chaos. You can use it to practice expressions and sentences the native speakers have added which will contain the word that you have looked up.


It is a little bit clunky and a bit weird and a lot of pepole do not like it for that reason.


It is a paid ebook service but the platform itself is free and all the tools for language learning are available for free. If you upload your own ebook and you have got a decent sized phone, you have got a very decent colour ereader complete with translation note-taking and highlighting.

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With Google Docs when you are having conversations with a partner or a language tutor online, get a Google Doc, you can edit it and see that in real time, it is always saved and it can spellcheck in more than one language at a time.


 Create a new account on youtube, this will be your target language only account. Search for a video in the target language, any video, a video aimed at native speakers, it could be a music video or whatever you are interested in. Watch it, like it, comment it and do this with another video, and another video, and… What you are doing is telling the youtube algorythm that it should only suggest videos in the target language. Whenever you want to practice French on youtube, log into that account and you should only ever see stuff in that language as long as you keep telling it you are not interested in anything else. Not that if you want a more full immersion experience you can change the language that the youtube interface is in but that is specific to your machine not to your account.

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It is a Chrome or Firefox extension for slowing down or speeding up videos in your target language. This allows you to control the speed. It gives you the same capacity to do this on Netflix. It is very easy to use, it is completely customizable.


It is the same thing but for music files on your phone, it gives you 100% control over how fast audio is played and it gives you loop options. So if you want to hear one sentence from an audiobook a 100 times at 83% of its original speed, it is easy. If you want to practice the sentence 50 times getting very slightly faster every time it is also easy. If you want to record yourself and hear that back slower or faster. It is a very handy application.


It has a large catalogue of MP3 files with native people saying different phrases and sentences. You can very easily download an entire topics in any language or any two languages of your choice, so that in those files you will have those sentences in your native language. The customization options are numerous which makes it perfect for pretty much anyone at any level. It is particularly good if you like to listen while you are driving or exercise.

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It is a great way to connect to other language newbies who already speak your target language and who are learning your language. Or if you are at a higher level you can find people who are also learning your target language and connect with them. These parts are entirely free.

Here are reviews of users :

So glad I found italki. It’s very hard to find a French professor locally, also love the fact that the classes are so affordable. I got more fluency.

Italki is a safe place to make mistakes and learn about them.
When I started with Italki I wasn’t confident enough to speak, but my professor has helped me with this. With just a few classes, I’ve improved my confidence.

Italki is an excellent website to learn French. I have had three classes and it has been very useful for me. I got more fluency and memory of the words.

I’ve tried other language learning platforms, but in my opinion, italki out performs them in terms of ease of use, functionality, quality of teachers, and resources available. So far, I have been able to book trial sessions with a few native speaking teachers in my target languages. I’m so happy that I’ve found several of whom I feel are most capable in helping me reach my language learning goals. I’m impressed and looking forward to my next sessions! The only issue I’ve had was with purchasing credits. I emailed support and they were able to quickly resolved it (the next day)-apparently it was operator error:).


It is an online dictionary, it is extremely detailed. It is nice to look at and to navigate. It does not have every single language, but it does have tons and tons interesting and useful information.

Beginners : best French learning app for beginners and kids
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The little-known hack with Pod101 is that all the material you could ever need to learn a language is on their website for free. When you first create an account they give you the opportunity to get premium access for one month for one dollar.

If the Pod101 series does not have the language that you are interested in learning , you can maybe find it on Mango Languages.


It is technically not free, however they have partnered up with a huge number of the world’s librairies. When you sign up, the first thing they ask you for is your library membership number. Their business model is very clearly aimed at library and businesses. When you consider this model it is painless the signing up process is, it is like logging into an account that you never knew you had, and from there you can access any and all of nearly 70 languages. It is fine with a clean interface that does not make things unecessarily confusing. It is quite comprehensive. It offers as many as 700 courses in some of their biggest languages.

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Have a look at others articles to get more informations on others application (Babbel – babbel, busuu – busuu, duolingo – duolingo, memrise – memrise,…without subscription and without subscription). To improve your conjugation (conjugation level), to study with flashcards, different topics. To improve your memory.

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