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Listen to the radio is a great way to learn French. It s easy, you can listen when you are running, driving or even cooking. It is also a good French to listen to. People on the radio speak just as fast as French people doing in their everyday life. But they also have to speak more clearly than we usually do, which might help get your ear tuned. It can also include high quality content : interviews, good music, conversations,… but it depends on which radio channel you are listening to.

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France Inter Paris : FIP

It is a small radio under the umbreall of Radio France (the public group of French radio). First  of all the music is really good, it has always great playlist, not the usuall mainstream hit songs, they only pick underground ones, you will discover a ton of new nice songs in a few minutes of listening.  Beside the music they also have a few culture talk shows in French.

Radio Nova

Their ads are a bit annoying but their podcasts on youtube are great.

Radio France Internationale : RFI

It is the internationale branch of the public radio in France. RFI can be listened from all  over the world and not only on the internet. They broadcast in French and 14 other languages in more than 60 countries. It is a great tool for you to listen to more French. They have some really good free podcasts. They aslo have French courses.

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France Inter

It is the main public French radio channel. You will find shows about music, politics, jokes, culture issues, environment, game shows, and much more. It is an iconic radio channel. France Inter has long running broadcast.

France Culture

You might also be interested by france Culture.

Rire et Chansons

It is the first private radio channel on this list, it is also the most popular French comedy radio. You will hear jokes, stand up, and comic sketch taking from all the French across the decade. They broadcast acts from comic humorist as well as older and very famous comedians (example : Coluche). They have a lot of ads and a good music playlist.

And there is another angle to use to get into French culture. A show that has been going on for 14 years : Les Grosses Têtes on the private radio RTL. RTL is another popular institution in France.


It is a music radio channel. It broadcasts all the music from French singers from the 70’s and the 80’s. Not all of it is good but it is a very good way to learn some classic French music. The one that every French person have heard even if they did not really mean to.

Chante France

Another radio channel to hel you get into these classic French music is Chante France. If you really want to listen to French music or radio, you might try the bigger radio as NRJ – Fun Radio – Skyrock. They mainly broadcast american lyrics but you will hear many French lyrics as well.

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Tv5 application

Why they created an application for mobile phone ?  
Where to find it ?
For which people ?
How it works ?

This is a free application which is available everywhere. It contains more than 3 000 exercises with 4 levels of difficulty, from newbies to advanced. It covers more than 30 variety of topics with more than 800 videos episodes.  

Why TV5 monde created an application for mobile phone ?

It has been 15 years that it provides exercises to learn French, from videos episodes that come from the channel or from videos from the website. They are focus on the oral comprehension, a bit of grammar, lexicon, culture, medias. From 2019 the use of the website to learn French from a mobile phone is more important compare to the computer. That is why they decided to create an application that povides all the exercises from the website Apprendre le français.

Where to find it ?

You have to download it. You need to go on Google Play for android and Apple Srore for the apple devices.

How it works ?

The first thing you will see when you open the application for the first time is the choice of the language you want to use for the application, you have the choice among 8 languages. Click on the one you want. The second thing to choose is your own level (A1 – A2 – B1 – B2). And then it will offer you series of exercises related to your level. If you want to chnage the level and the language, at any time you can go back Welcome page. You can use the research part, to look for exercises from 3 criterias, 1 – Themes (more than 30 ones) : arts, architecture,… 2 – Collections, the exercises are often organized by collections, and then 3 – a search by skills.  

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Here are reviews from users :

I find that this application is very interesting to learn the French language well and to have a lot of information about the French language, and I am very happy to download this application.

The application is very useful, practical and aducated to master the language, but I suggest that I consider just at the beginning to do an exam in order to place the user in a specific level

A very good application for learning the French language through cultural content.

This application is beautiful, it is interesting, I recommend to everyone who wants to learn the French language to download it.

The application is great, you can remember anything you want from videos and exercises. I don’t feel in trouble when I use it. This application is really necessary to know how to speak French without difficulty.

Very useful for learning French … First of all for oral comprehension, but also for grammar and vocabulary.

Super, this application is as well made as the site for learning French and it is much more intuitive for carrying out the exercises!

It is the best application to learn and practice French. I would like all application to learn languages ​​to be like this.

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