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The English title is « Spiral ». The show follows six different people (six actors) that are in the parisian judicial system. It is a crime show (drama), so there are murders and stuff that they are trying to figure out. But there is also a lot of corruption that is followed throughout the show. So, you have these six people who are in the judicial system but also find themselves tangled in quite a few personal matters, and even crime themselves. It is a crime show that does not necessarily focus on the crimes and the detective work itself, but more of the judicial system. It is a very good show, it is exciting but sometimes it can be a little slow. But there is a lot of seasons which is defenitely a plus. There is seven seasons of this show.

Les témoins  

The English title is « Witnesses ». It has two seasons. It is again another police/crime (drama) show. It takes place in the north of France and the basic premise is that some graves has been dug up and the perpetrator have clearly created a theme for the detective to figure out. The crimes that are committed in the show are really strange. It is two detectives (two actors) (one retired one who recently came back into the force, and a kind of a new detective) who work together to try to solve these crimes.

Les revenants

The English title is « The Returned ». It is a mystery/crime show, it takes place in a small-town France. The basic idea is that people from all different walks of life come back to life after seemingly having been dead. The show kind of pieces together how that can be and aslo follow the recently « returned-to-life » people and how they are sort of picking up their lives again. It takes place a lot in wooded area, it is very cloudy. It has two seasons.

Dix pour cent  

It means « ten percent ». The English title is « Call my agent ». This show is hilarious. It has three seasons and it is following the lives of these agents who are agents for really big movies stars, and they follow their personal lives and their professional lives while they try to keep these huge stars happy, and while they are trying to keep the business afloat because there is a lot of stuff going on in the agency. It is really funny, they are love affairs, arguments,…

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The Simpsons (animation comedy)

The Simpsons is an animation tv serie (comedy). It talks about a family, with the mother, the father, a child (the main person) and another child (Lisa – Lisa). In the following videos you will several families (two families), the Simpsons one and the one who hosts (student exchange) the main role. The videos are with subtitles.

1rst sentence
The man with the hat : Ah Maurice. Dès que le garçon américain arrive, tes jours d’esclavage sont finis.
Ah Maurice. Once the american boys arrives, your days of back-breaking labor will be over.

1rst sentence
The other man : César, regardes ! Nous sommes riches !
Cesar look ! We are rich !

2nd sentence
The man with the hat : Cela sont trop petits, mais on peut les vendre.
These won’t fit us, but we can sell them.

2nd sentence
The other man : Regardes Maurice, un beau chapeau rouge pour toi.
And a red hat for you Maurice.

3rd sentence
The other man : Elle est bonne cette saucisse.
Good sausage.

3rd sentence
The man with the hat : Passes-moi le vin.
Pass me the wine.

1rst sentence
The man with the hat : Ah je crois que ça va être notre meilleur couvert.
This will be our finest wine ever.

1rst sentence
The other man : Mais le vin n’a fermenté que trois jours.
But it is only been fermenting for 3 days.

2nd sentence
The man with the hat : Que je sente ma foi …. (not understandable) faiblie, je pense toujours au miracle de l’anti-freeze.
Whenever my faith in God is shaken, I think of the miracle of anti-freeze.

Si on en met trop, bien sûr, c’est du poison, mais dans les proportions voulues ça donne du cran au vin.
Too much can be poison, but the right amount gives wine just the right kick.

2nd sentence
The other man : Je coris que tu en as mis trop. Tu vas tuer quelqu’un avec ça.
You put in too much. It may kill someone.

3rd sentence
The man with the hat : Tuer quelqu’un ? T’es fou.
Kill someone ? You are crazy.

4th sentence
The man with the hat : Regarde ! Je te pari que ça va même pas te rendre aveugle.
Watch ! I bet it won’t even blind him.

5th sentence
The man with the hat : Qu’est-ce que je t’avais dit. Maintenant va nous chercher une caisse d’anti-freeze au magasin.
What did I told you ? Now go buy a caisse of anti-freeze in the shop.

3rd sentence
The other man : Mais il pleut. Est-ce qu’on peut attendre de faire le vin demain ?
But it is raining outside. Can we make the wine tomorrow ?

6th sentence
The man with the hat : On a déjà perdu trois jours.
We have already waited three days.

4th sentence
The other man : Alors, envoie le garçon.
Then send the boy.

1rst sentence
The policeman : Excusez-moi, je ne parle pas anglais
Excuse me, I donot speak English

2nd sentence
The policeman : Tiens petit garçon, voilà un bonbon.
Here little boy, this is a candy.

3rd sentence
The policeman : Je suis désolé, j’aimerais vraiment pouvoir vous aider.
I am sorry, I really wish I could help you.

1rst sentence
Bart (main role) : 2 mois
Two months

2nd sentence
Bart (main person) : et je ne sais pas un mot.
And I have not learned a word.

3rd sentence
Main person : Hey, mais je parle français maintenant.
Wait ! I am talking French now.

4th sentence
Main person  : Incroyable !
Incredible !

5th sentence
Main person : Hey monsieur, aidez-moi ! Ces deux types me font travailler jours et nuits.
You gotta help me ! These two guys work me night and day.

6th sentence 
Main person : Ils ne me donnent pas à manger. Ils me font dormir par terre. They do not feed me.
They make me sleep on hte floor.

7th sentence
Main person : Ils mettent de l’anti-freeze dans le vin et ils ont donné mon chapeau rouge à l’âne.
They put anti-freeze in the wine and they gave my red hat to the donkey.

4th sentence
The policeman : De l’anti-freeze dans le vin ? Oh mais c’est sérieux ça !
Anti-freeze in the wine ? That is a very serious crime !

5th sentence
The policeman : Viens avec moi fiston. Il n’y a plus rien à craindre maintenant.
Come along, boy. There is nothing for you to fear now.

8th sentence
Main person  : Mon sauveur. Vous aurez toujours une place dans mon coeur.
My savior. You will always have a place in my heart.

6th sentence
The policeman : Eh bien maintenant, vous ferez votre vin en prison.  
From now on, you will be doing all your winemaking in prison.  

7th sentence
The man with the hat : Et tout ça parce que l’on participe à un programme d’échange d’étudiant.
And all because we participated in a student exchange program.

9th sentence
Main person : Mon père, quel bouffon !
My father. What a buffoon.

The professor : La grenouille mange le pamplemousse.
The frog is eating the grapefruit.

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