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These resources can be used for any level for newbies, intermediate or advanced.

French learning resources


Each episode is a story. Each podcasts last for 15-20 minutes, with 4 parts, it talks about French culture, France, it focuses on teaching you French expressions and cultural customs. It is very entertaining. It is something like watching a Netflix serie. It uses some English to explain you the concepts and the culture, the expressions easily.

French learning resources


In Duolingo each epsiode is a story, a true story. Each episode is a different story through the serie. It lasts for 20-25 minutes. This is for an intermediate level. It is mostly in French with English to explain the context, the narrators give some elements of the context in English and the rest is in French. They do not speak very quickly. It is really helpful if you are an intermediate speakers. There no courses, just stories.

French learning resources


It is good for people who prefers to listening to something that is more real. They do focus on worldwide issues, so it is not just news in France. If you go to Spotify they only have 3 to 10 minutes previous of the episode for free, and then the rest you have to subscribe to their website.

Learners, beginners : best book to learn French vocabulary for vocabulary

French learning resources


It is on random topics, he spends 30-35 minutes talking about them, it is completely in French. He also knows when he says a word that intermediate people would not know it. Sometimes he includes audio extracts of these viewers, sometimes they will send him recordings of just « your podcast helped me for this… », so you get to hear his listeners and what they are saying. So you have him who is very fluent in French and clear, and you also get to hear his listeners who are very much not completely full in French. They have a different accent, different levels, so you feel very supported because you can really see the community of people who are learning French. And you are exposed to different level and it is very motivating because you do not feel like you are alone. You do not feel discouraged by the fact that you are not perfect at speaking French.


It is hosted by a couple, the wife is French and the husband is american. For the both of them the other language is their second language. Episodes are in English and in French, the English ones talk about cultural things about France and the French ones talk about cultural things about America. They have a good sense of humour. In each episode one person will have a non native accent. In the French ones the wife speaks completely fluently and she speaks a little bit more quickly than the man does. The husband is still fluent in French but ih does not have the most perfect accent. So you feel very supported to know that there are different levels of French speakers that exists. Both of them can communicate completely fluently, they can communicate freely.

Beginners : best books to learn French with cd for pronunciation, vocabulary

THE DAILY : The French rebellion

The daily is run by the New York Times. Language is not just words, is not just conjugation on a piece of paper, it is real people, it is culture, it is politics. This episode is part of a 6 episodes series on the european union. It is completely in English, it touches on the yellow vest movement. You get to hear what the yellow vest movement is about, from real French people. You can literaly hear their interviews, you know it is factual and it is coming right from the source. It is a very good podcast to listen to get inside what is going on in France right now.


This is completely self-studying. It gives you a very strong foundation into the technic analyst of the French language. I want to highlight in this book is the activity comparaison culturelle (cultural comparison). You firs do a two minutes presentation to compare two or one thing beween the two countries. Others things is writing letters, emails, compose messages,… There are 6 different themes, theres is a stock-word list for each of the 6 themes. There are also listening exercises, those recordings are very difficult but it does get you use very much to listening to rapid French with heavy accent.

Learners, students : best books to learn the basics in French for lessons

French learning resources


It is a casual resources you can use to keep up your French. It is an app that is focused on spaced repetition system. You learn a word best when you are forced to recall it when you almost forget it. It gives you a certain number of words to study everyday, then you just say « it is easy » or « it is hard », and based on that it forces you to review that words after a certain amount of time.

He re is a testimonial :

What do you like best ?
The human mind works in such a way that it needs to check things periodically so as not to forget them. Anki is responsible for keeping what we always need in mind to use it later according to our needs. It is very useful academically and also in other areas of life. Anki allows me to edit notes using programming languages ​​and verify how other users have made their notes, thanks to the public decks sharing function. The notes are synchronized in my account to later review them on my smartphone and continue studying what I created.

What do you dislike ?
Anki requires a lot of training to be fully understood. It is not easy for a newbie user to run into this application, it is necessary to access many tutorials and have a prior knowledge of programming languages ​​to achieve better results.

Recommendations to others considering the product :
This application can easily be considered as a brain trainer. I recommend it to be known in any workplace or university. It is too useful for anyone.

What problems are you solving with the product ? What benefits have you realized ?
Anki is too versatile. I have used it to remember my bank account numbers or an important phone number. I have also used it to keep in mind what I learned in a course or concepts that I consider important.

French learning resources


DamonAndJo : Tehy make videos in French and they give you an insight from an american perspective.
Comme une Français : she makes courses.
Cyprien : he makes a comedy based videos.

French learning resources


It is a multilingual dictionary, it gives you both French and English, the definitions, the words in context, it is definitely the one I refer to when I am learning new words.

Students : best free French learning apps to learn easily and fluently phrases
for translation, lessons


It is very popular on Spotify…it is makes you feel like you are in Paris.

Best way to learn French conversation for free and quickly on youtube for beginners
for app, translation, pronunciation

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