I’m going to do a very quick video just about some books. Well, two books that I have, that I’m using to help me learn French. I’m just using these books because I now don’t really have any way of expanding my French knowledge until the summer when I’m going to be hopefully taking some classes here in Paris. This is normally Paris, outside of Paris that the classes will be in Paris and I’m not sure how long I will be taking the classes for. But, I’m hoping to be here for three months. So, I don’t know it could be. Several months or four classes, so that’s exciting. I’m going to give you books and I got both of these for Christmas from my boyfriend. One of them I asked for and one of them was like a surprise.

Le petit Prince

So, the first one is this one. It’s a bilingual book of the little prince and and this is like one of the best-selling books of all time. But, actually never heard of it until now, but yeah, it’s kind of like a story about like this pilot and he crashes in the desert and like he meets this little boy from like a different planet, and he has some like interesting observations about grownups. I actually not finished all of it so maybe that’s not a good true synopsis of what happens. There was a film released last year, and I think it’s coming out next this year. This year in English of like an adaption of this, and I’ve seen it and it’s pretty cute. But, I don’t know how much it follows the story. So, the great thing about this book. One side is written in French and the other side is written in English and it has like kind of underlined phrases to help you know where you are in the text. Whereas some other books they have like the French on that side and English on that side it can be like you can kind of get lost. I really like this one actually thought it was going to be a bit smaller because I was hoping to read it on the train but it’s still pretty good. It seems very good quality it has the drawings in it and but yeah I like this and it also it comes with a I put it in here because the plastic thing broke from the back of the book in the back it has a disk and this isn’t actually a CD it’s a D. It’s like a kind of dated. This guy I guess you would call it you can put it any computer and you can get the mp3s off. But, it doesn’t I don’t think it will play in like a CD player and so but that’s fine for me I put them into my computer. I ripped them off and I put it on my phone, it has the audio in French and in English and so I’ve been kind of playing around with you know listening to the English version of the story whilst reading the French. Or, you know differently you can do all sorts of different combinations and when I really I’ve really been liking this. I think it’s a really cute story and it seems to have some kind of interesting sort of not philosophical but some good observations about how we live our lives. It is not just for kids and also in the front of it has a little bit about and a little a couple notes about how you should approach learning languages which is thought was pretty interesting. So, yeah, that’s that book and I’ll maybe do a review when I finished it of how you sort of found it but at the moment I’m enjoying it.


And then my boyfriend got me this, which is the latest and Asterix comic book thing. If you don’t know what Asterix and Obelix are, I think that’s how you pronounce it, it’s kind of like a very famous and French cartoon, kind of comic strip thing. They do have several films. He told me this is the latest one. So, if it’s not, and so yeah, it’s just like all inside, is like a comic with like pictures stuff like that. So, this is kind of nice like a thing that we can do together and it is really something that you should probably do unless you’re very advanced in French. Or, and yeah if you have like a teacher who’s teaching me French or you know someone who’s matched, you can do it with. I really recommend it with a native speaker just because there’s a lot of jokes in it, a lot of like phrases in it. And that don’t really make sense when you translate them and for example, and even just if even just in the beginning. This is the first page has like a thing about like the different cities, little towns they’re in story and the names of the cities and are supposed to be jokes. They’re kind of like jokey phrases and I’ve forgotten what they are but basically if you were to read them you would just think oh that’s just what the armed is called. If you have like a French native with you they all laugh and you’ll be like why you laughing and they’re like it’s like a play on words. So, this is really good. I think one it’s kind of like French culture, you can see it. I’m kind of understanding a bit more about these famous cartoons and but secondly you can kind of learn a bit more about colloquial faith at colloquial phrases and French humor. Those are two things that I’m working on. We’re like the first page of this because it takes so long for max to sit with me like every single speech bubble. He’s like oh oh this is like a joke and then he has to explain it to me after 10 minutes I’m like haha yeah it’s kind of funny okay. Next speech bubble person it takes them a while but I’m excited to read this. And it’s the same with the film’s if you do watch any of the films. I’ve watched quite a couple of them and a lot of the kind of humor in the films is by some of the names that they call the characters, they’re like him play on words for the names. But I found that the subtitles that I had didn’t translate like the joke about the name because it’s very difficult, I can’t. This is kind of useless me telling you because I can’t think of the specific examples but it’s like for example all of the Roman characters, all of their names end in like particular things like us so like one of the characters is called like antivirus or someone else’s they all have kind of them funny like these squish like loads of words together and the great. So, I’m so useless and so a lot of it is lost in the translation is basically what I’m saying and so if you watch these films I just think some of it was funny but try not to be too disappointed, I was pretty disappointed when I watched you I was like I don’t understand French humor but it wasn’t I didn’t understand French humor, it was just that this subtitles didn’t include it and is way more advanced basically.