The advantage of being bilingual?

Being bilingual is an advantage ? To receive the bonus “12 tips to learn a language”, please fill out the form on the right of the screen or at the end of the article ! Tell me in the comments what do you think about this article. Dont’ forget to subscribe to Fast French Learning […]

The spaced repetition system

Hello to you English speaker who wants to learn French! Do you know the spaced repetition system ? (I wrote about this topic in a previous article Learning by repetition) You are certainly frustrated by the difficulty of remembering certain words or vocabulary of the French language, as is the case for me for the […]

Learning by repetition (spaced repetition system)

Before speaking of the spaced repetition system, an introduction to neurology. Learning and synapse In neurological terms, learning refers to establishing neural connections. When I receive new information, neurons connect to each other via synapses, and synaptic connections are created. The more I receive this information, the more the connections will be reinforced, and the […]

Learning and pleasure

Psychologists and pedagogues of the early 20th century discovered a new law of learning : a person can learn, acquire knowledge, develop skills and know-how only if he enjoys learning, in other words, in a setting where he is free in his choices and where he is autonomous. What is the most favorable context for […]