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Today I am going to show you how to learn French in the car. Because some of us spend a lot of time in their cars, because they gotta go to work and do some fun activities, especially if you live in the countryside. So, even though that time in the car alone is kind of the perfect time to work on your Beyonce impression you know I’ll keep your secret or you powerful low-power voice. This time is also a time that you could use to learn French, in fact that’s what I call a learning opportunity time. And your daily life is probably filled with those little moments. When you’re doing something and your brain is free to learn, like when you are cutting the carrots for your soup for example, or mixing your brownie batter, or brushing your teeth, or scrubbing the floor, or whatever it is. I mean your brain is not entirely free, I advise you just still look at what you’re doing, when you cut the carrots, please, cut your carrots consciously. But you could still use this time. And in fact, there are four things that you could do while you are in a car, or cutting your carrots, that are going to improve your French.

Listening to podcast

First thing is listening to podcast. I’m gonna cheat because there’s actually three ways that you could use podcasts. So three in one kind of thing. I don’t know if it’s a kind of better for you actually, but anyway, podcast about French come in three flavors. You have the flavor you are listening to right now, the learning podcast. So it’s not courses, it’s where you learn how to get your French to the next level. Then you have the course kind of podcast. And then you have the third kind for its flavor, and it is the native podcast. A native podcast is a podcast entirely in French made for natives. So, if you are a newbie, this might be too hot for you right now, it’s okay, but your goal is going to try to reach this level where you are being able to understand those native podcasts. So, during those learning opportunity times, well, just you know, play your podcast listen, to some French, listen to how to learn French, listen to some French words you are going to learn.

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Another way

Then, the second thing that you can do during those learning. Listening is cool and all but you need to speak. So, is there a way to speak while you are cutting your carrots or scrubbing the floor ? Speak French, I mean you’re going to tell me practice, but with what, with my toilet brush, actually I’m not even kidding, you could totally just recite words or challenge yourself to remember 20 French words that start with a B. Or even, act like if you were introducing yourself to someone in French, and this works especially well in your car if you can pretend that you are speaking with someone on the phone for example. Or better yet, if you have a French friend, you can call them and ask to speak with them just for 10 minutes. Ask about the day, what they have eaten today, French people do like to speak about food. So good point there, tell them what happened at work today, or anything. I mean ask them if they want to speak to you to start with.

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Audio courses

But that you and I sprint further away that you could use this learning opportunity time is to listen to courses and audio courses when you purchased a big program. For example, like Pimsleur, and I am sure that you did, Iam sure that you have one of those things somewhere on your shelf, or you gave it away, or something like that. But you could find it back anyway, you often get CDs with it, or some kind of mp3 files to train yourself with. And in your car is the perfect time to use them, you are sitting there driving, so you can listen and repeat. That’s something that you can totally do and actually on the just French. It’s cool, there is a few courses like that, thus, where your French is and seven days to your first French conversations, those two courses are perfect for if you spend a lot of time in the car, because you can listen to them, repeat, listen, repeat, etc…

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Final idea to learn French in the car is karaoke. We have plenty of nice French music in different plenty of different styles. You so you have no excuse not to listen to French music and music is actually good way to work on your oral, because you get to hear the sounds very clearly, makes them memorable actually. And by singing, you also work on your oral. So, karaoke in French is perfect. So that’s it during those learning opportunity times, you can put on some French music, or French podcast, or listen to an audio course, or just talk to yourself. Those things are going to do wonders while you cut your carrots, and they actually are very valuable for your French learning because you are training your brain to be in this sort of French mode.

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