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Podcasts to learn French

Listening to podcasts is a very efficient way to improve your oral understanding, if you they are suitable to your level. Do not forget, it is very important, to study step by step !

One of the important resources for french podcast.

Among the resources you can use to get better in holding conversations and improve your oral comprehensionI introduce you a very famous website to listen to french podcast, this is frenchpod101. It is required to sign in (not judging a book by its cover) to get more information on the website on what they offer, you can create an account for free.

Learners, students : French learning whatsapp group for topics

It is easy to follow and to navigate on the site, with a level-related-organization, you can select your level : from absolute beginners to advanced. So it is suitable for you if you don’t know where to start, or if it is not easy to motivate yourself. In addition to the website, there is a mobile app and a desktop software. It provides more than 1370 audio and video courses, knowledgeable and energetic hosts, vocabulary learning tools and spaced repetition flashcards, detailed PDF course notes, lively discussion, learn on-the-go study anywhere.

Learners, teacher : learn French pronouns with pictures for lessons

There is a free part and a paying part. You can have access to the content for a certain period of time, if you want to practice more on their website, getting more information you need to pay. You will find word-stock lists in the podcasts for the novice, in french with the transcript in english. If you want to listen to a more advanced level podcast (with French idioms), you will listen to episodes with dialogues (which is more difficult to understand) than vocabulary lists. Here is a part of the content for the absolute beginners : 3-minutes french-greetings and useful phrases / around the home level 1 (words, phrases and expressions that you can use at home) / before you travel to France-survical french phrases / can introduce yourself / classic frenchpod101-french newbie / phrases for conversations / culture class-essential french vocabulary-french superstitions and beliefs-holidays in France / essantial french for emergencies / … Among this variety of topics, you can choose the one you want, where is the start for you, so you can decide what is the first lesson for you and what will be the second one and the third one…, and once you did it you can continue to follow the path you want. Each exercises contains three audio tracks : 1-the full audio, 2-the review track and 3-episodes with dialogues, made by native French people. This is the same structure for each one : the french dialogue, the same dialogue with the english transcript, a debate about the story and the cultural aspects, and notes on the new vocabulary and grammar. The word-stock is a big point, you will increase a lot the amount of words of the language. The vocabulary is divided into sections, which makes it handy to navigate through.

Students, beginners : learn French verbs for lessons

This variety of sentences of the native french speakers, for the listeners, are written on the left part of the screen, it is very handy because you can click on each ones and listening to them at your own pace, so going through it sentences by sentences, making small parts of the dialogue to make it more understable if it is necessary, to have a better comprehension. You can choose as well if you want to see the text in french or in the english version, so it is very handy to compare the structure of the oral part of the french language, it is very efficient to make links in your mind and go deeper into the language. You are able to be readers and listeners at the same time, and then speakers. It is nice for getting more pronunciation skills. It also provides a list of words taking from the dialogue, and you can click on each word to hear them and pronunce them properly. Two speeds are available, a slow one and a normal one. If you have difficulties to understand some words, you can choose one of them and put it in a flashcard structure. It will give you a picture of the word, so you can make an association (that is how the memory works, it makes the remembering stronger) between both the word and the picture (visual memory). It gives the word in french and english, and one sentence for each language, to put the word in a context. I take the opportunity to say that I suggest you to never learn vocabulary alone, without a context, it does not really work, everytime put the words in a context.

Teacher, speakers : speak like the French idiomatic expressions for expressions

The content is specific (for different themes) so it is helpful, you can easily use it in everyday situations. It is suitable if you want to visit France or a french speaking country to get more words of daily life (personal items, name, bus stop,…)

There are three different membership :
The basic plan ($4/month) : it lasts for two years, with an audio access, for several devices (Iphone, Ipod, Android,…) and courses to download.  
The premium plan ($10/month) : it lasts for two years, it contains all what you have in the basic plan, an audio transcription, bnus, interactive quizzes, flashcrads,… This one comes with a free seven-day trial.     
The premium plus plan ($23/month) : it lasts for two years as well, it contains the premium plan, the 1-to1 instruction,…
If you realise that the one you paid for is not the suitable one for you, anyway, you can switch your account to another one.  

Another famous website is Radio Lingua, on Radio Lingua you will find podcasts to study french, with Coffee break french.

Lingling learn French for pronunciation 

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