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You never liked studying at the university with a teacher, you want to learn French at your own pace, being your own professor, studying with your own resources, the place where you feel the more comfortable, where you get the motivation is your home, in your sofa, in front of the fireplace, in your kitchen, watching movies with subtitles…have a look at this article…to get more confidence, more fluency. To be see how to set up a French language immersion experience at home.

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The reasons of learning French at home

Where do you feel good ? : in the public transport, at work or at home ? Usually home is the place where we feel the better, we can create the environment we want, the one which is the more suitable for our own learning, so this is where you have the most motivation. Learning with a chocolate cake and a tea, learning in your bed while listening to gentle music, your cellphone in a hand, learning with an app… 

You will not pay for a professor, for a school or the university, neither for the learning material, the workbooks you are asked to get. You will not spend time in the public transport or in your car to get to somewhere to study. As your are at home, soemtimes if you like you can do two things at the same time, for example cleaning the living room and listening to French podcast.

At home  you already have some tools to learn and improve your French : an app on your cellphone, podcasts on the internet,…

For some people, the best part to learn French at home is that you can decide how you want to learn, the way you want to study and what you want to study : oral expression, conversations, oral comprehension, written,… You can choose the resources you want, the subjects that motivate you the most, the time you want to spend to study,…

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How to learn French at home

Study every day

One way is to choose a specific learning place in your home : a desk in your room, a desk in the living room, the kitchen,… Another way is to study at a different place sometimes, I mean when you have learnt something, go to anoter place in the house and try to remember it, some studies shown that learning and remembering an information at different places consolidate the memory. I suggest you to avoid places with distractions : TV,… because you need to be focused on what you are doing.

Choose a period of time to study a day, and be regular in it. So the question is « How much time a day are ok / am I able to take to learn and improve my French ? ». Once you have chosen, study the same amount of time every day. Keep going on your routine. The other question is « What is the moment during the day when I learn the best ? », for some people it is in the morning (for example during the breakfast), during the lunch time, during the evening, or during the night. Some studies shown that we remember the best when we learn just before going to sleep (ex : rules of conjugation that are for you to remember), according to my experience I can say that is the truth, it works.  

Learning Freench at home requirs a lot of disciplines ! Be regular to get fluency !

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Choose what you want to learn

Before to choose you need to know if you have a visual memory or a auditory memory.

If you have an auditory memory, to understand and to get new informations you need to hear and to say them. So for you the best way is to listening to podcasts, watching movies, audiobooks, audio courses (ex : conjugation,…),…Another efficient way if you have an auditory memory is to attend conversations, find a language partner on the internet, on the facebook groups,…

If you have a visual memory, to understand and to get new informations you need to see them. So you need to use pictures, charts, maps. So for you the best way is to watch video courses, for example on youtube, with subtitles. Use pictures to remember the words and the French expressions, use flashcards.

Or maybe you need to write to remember what you are learning. You can write down vocabulary and sentences from videos, books with the translation in English.

Or maybe you need to feel the sensations to print in your brain what you are learning. So, in this case, you use your hands and your body to better remember the informations you are learning. Making the link between a word / an action and  a movement, for example,  you want to learn the word conduire (to drive), while you say je conduis (I am driving) do the gesture, put your hands forward as you are holding the wheel. 

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Your home as a tool to learn French

To build your immersion experience, there are different aspects (aspects), I suggest you to write on post-it a word related to an object, for example, write the word la porte (the door) and stick the post-it on the door. Do this with all, or almost all the objects in your house, do it place by place, for example begin by your bedroom, put a post-it on le lit (bed), l’armoire (wardrobe), le miroir (mirror),…do the same in your kitchen, your living room, the garage,…You can use this method even if you have an auditory memory. It will give you more confidence as well as you will print them in your mind every day so they will come out easily during a talk.

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