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How long it takes to learn French ?

In today’s video we are going to talk about how long it takes to learn French ? I think the reason most people ask that question or wonder about it, is because when you first learning anything you need much patience. And if you think that something is going to take long time, you are unlikely to see it through. So, you need a plan. In order to make a plan, you need to know how long is someting is going to take you, right ? Of course, how long learning French is going to take you, is going to depend on a few things. Is going to depend on weather you have previous experience in learning a language. A foreign language of course because everyone learns a language. It will also depend on weather you are learning French because you want to because you are being taught to. If you really want, if you have a good reason that you want to learn a language you are going to be a lot more motivated and somebody, for example, like a school kid who might not have any interest in learning a language, any reason why they want to learn. Other than, well, they are being taught, they have to. You know, it is very different. If you want to, obviously is goint to take you less time than if you have to. And also it depends on what you are actually doing to learn the language. Are you learning it passively ? Are you just listening to the language in the background ? For example, listening to music. Or, are you taking a more active approach, by actively learning vocabulary or grammar points ? Are you learning on your own ? Or do you have a tutor to guide you want to go deeper on something you do not really understand ? There are abviously many, many different aspects and thigs that will determine how long it will take you to learn the language. But, that is it. There are good news. I do have some figures to give you. According to l’Alliance Française it takes approximatively between 1060 to 1200 hours of instruction to become fluent in French. So, what this means is even though obviously if you are listening to the language in the background or watching movies or whatever. That is definitely going to help you, is going to help you remember what you have learnt in your studies. But, what that actually mean is hours of being taught, so, wether you are self-taught or learning with a tutor. But, lessons, not hours spent doing the more passive activities, which also have their place, so, do not think I am saying « do not do that » because actually it is also very important, and it is rather enjoyable as well. So, it has is place but we are talking about hours of instructions. So, 1060 to 1200 hours of study is how long it takes to become fluent in French. Think of it that way. If you could spend 2 hours a day studying French and do that like everyday, it will take you approximatively 18 months to become fluent in the language. So, when you are looking at it that way, it does not seem quite so bad, does it ? Because, let’s be honest, a lot of people spend a lot of hours a day watching TV. So, if you can why not replace your time watching TV by studying French. And then, in 18 months you will be likely to be fluent. But, if that still sound rather overwhelming we can break it down in Small steps. So, let me have a look at what I have written down, because I cannot actually remember it. So if thinking « oh my goodness I am going to have to spend like over thousand hours learning French, that is a way to much ». If that sounds too overwhelming. What you can do instead is breaking down in smaller steps. So, according to l’Alliance Française, it takes, anyway, between 60 and 100 hours of study to complete A1 level, which is the very beginner level. It then takes approximatively a 100 hours to complete the A2 level. Then, if you add B1 level which is the lower intermediate level. It will takes approximately to complete that. Once you complete B1 level it will take you between 200 and 250 hours of study to complete B2 and reach C1. Then, when you have C1 level which is the advanced level, it takes you apprximately 250 hours to 300 hours of instructions to complete that. And then, finally when you add the last level it will take you approximately 250 hours of study to , basically, become proficient and fluent at the language and be able to say anything you like, talk about any subject, understand everything that you hear regardless of accent, basically be fleunt. So, really each level take about 100 to 250 hours of study, but the lower levels are quicker to get through. So, you should make a lot of progress very quickly at the very beginning. And then, it is only when you get to intermediate and advanced level. Levels thatyou need to spend a bit more time on studying because the grammar points of a bit more complicated . And also it takes more practice to get them right without having to actually think about the rules. It will take a bit longer once you get there to complete the levels.