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Hello good day thomas..
I don’t know how to say thank you, you are amazing, always help people learning French by sending a fantastic gift (free-book).. I really appreciate your huge support… merci beacoup – Inyoman

Yes I read the 2 E-BOOKS. I really appreciate them. I thank you very much. They are very interesting. Merci beaucoup ! – Malika

Good morning 
Yes I read the 2 E- BOOKS and I will read them once more.
Indeed they are very interesting.
Thank you very much – Inaam

Thank you for sending the two free E-books.  I appreciate your gift.  I like that your examples are completely in French. – Missie

Dear Thomas, 
I am really enjoying reading these books. I like the way you have prepared « le masculin et féminin en français » because they have the article so it is easier to memorize them.
Thanks for the gift of these books I really appreciate them.
Merci beaucoup ! – Rita

Dear Thomas,
Thank you for the eBooks. They look just like what I was looking for in order to become proficient in knowing when and how to use prepositions and gender in nouns well.
Best – Juan Carlos

Dear Thomas,
I have received your Ebooks, and thank you very much for sending them. It is very kind of you and worth more. Your efforts to teach learners who want to learn French language is very genuine and very praiseworthy. Will be seeing you soon with more of your subjects and will be learning through your online as well.
Basanta Danuwar

Dear Thomas
Thanks a lot for the two E-books you sent me. The pages I have checked so far are really interesting and I am sure they will dispel some doubts I have about this beautiful language. My current level is A2 (I think). 
Kindest regards – Jorge

The French Preposition DE + Video BONUS 🎥
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Thanks for the nice videos they are really interesting Merci beaucoup – Inaam

1 to 1 French lesson 👨‍🎓

Thomas is a good teacher, caring and ready to listen and help me about my needs. He helped me to consolidate and improve my French. I totally recommend him ! – Barbara

You are a teacher with plenty of ideas and your method is really original!😊 I like it very much!👌 – Régis

Very nice and entertaining teacher. Try it, you won’t be bored !!! – Kasia