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Best free French learning apps to learn easily and fluently phrases for app,
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French language learning games for kids. Educational activities teach kids to read, speak & spell.

• Designed by language learning experts for kids aged 3-10
• Course for preschool, early learners & young children studying languages.
• More than 11,000,000 parents and kids choose our app worldwide


It combines a structured language course with engaging and entertaining games.

Our language course is divided into lessons. Each language lesson teaches core vocabulary and presents words in several contexts to assist learning and retention.

Fun French uses male and female voices. The voices use different tones and expressions so that learners can pick up on the subtleties of pronunciation.


• 6 or more unique games in each fun-packed lesson.
• Original music, songs, sound effects and beautiful cartoon artwork
• Engaging learning games will keep your child entertained as they learn


2 Free Lessons – 14 Learning Games!

• Colors – Say and spell the major colors.
• Meet many animals alone and in groups.

There are many more lessons available for purchase.

• Numbers – Learn how to count.
• The Body – Learn the major parts of the body.
• Fruits – Talk about the fruits you like.
• Food – Learn how to say the food you want.
• Clothes – Describe the clothing people are wearing.
• Vehicles – Describe things, like cars and bicycles.
• The House – Learn furniture, rooms and where they are.
• Sea Animals – Compare things, like sharks and turtles.
• School Bag Lesson – Learn classroom objects and whose they are.
• Actions – Learn how to use action verbs


The variety of games, challenges, and different modes of interactivity can help with other areas of your child ’s development:

• Play is an important element of your child’s development
• Helps your children build motor skills and concentration
• Hand-eye coordination is reinforced during engaging activities
• Instant feedback helps children understand how well tasks are being performed
• Helps your childldren to use technology in a beneficial and effective way

Learn French by listening app for lessons, vocabulary, app

Here are reviews :

At first I thought this application was too simple, but it’s clear that as my daughter (age 7) progresses, so do the complexity of the sentences used in the games. Her comprehension is clearly increasing. Of course this is for true beginners, starting from scratch, and it won’t produce fluent speakers by the end, but it will help with comprehension and prepare your children for learning in a more immersive environment.

This is just great! I’m not a kid, but I’m still using it and having fun! It’s a great way to teach little kids. No ads. It’s logical that this application is going to be paid. The developers probably need money for their hard work. Or else they Won’t be able to continue bringing more nice application. People needs to understand this and stop complaining. Even school needs money. Because without money people can’t go forward. Though it would be better if price was a bit more low

I only review when necessary and i think they have had a new update and it’s amazing so much more interactive as in you record yourself and it’s incorporated into the activity for some games and like its an actual game you would play not just for educational purposes and I uses this for myself as an adult to make my french learning more effective so give it a go!

I like this application a lot. The games are fun and it really is an effective learning tool. The games make the words stick! I won’t be using it anymore because I don’t want to pay for it.. The language application should consider joining together with annoying ads (or funny ads like the ones on football games) and make one big application. I like duolingo as well; study at and bubblebath too. Like I said it would be amazing if they all joined together.. and free access would be great…. cartoons?!?

I love it so much! I’m 18 and I just decided to study french! It helps me to be more positive in my studying and funny!

Beginners, learners : best app to learn to speak for free conversational
French and pronunciation
for app

Love It! I Love It! Even Though I Can Only Do Colors! Because I Have French At My School And I Have Done It For 2 Years Now So I Know Colors! But The Bad Thing Is U Have To Buy Everything But The Colors! But Besides That I Love It And Have Fun Playing It!

Great application, very fun and learn easy! Great graphics, one of if not the best, especially for young children and has parent locks also so no bank drainage.

I want my kids to go to French immersion. My daughter likes the Chinese version of this enough that I thought I’d try the French one. I am happy to report that she loves this one too.

Just paid for the application, up to now we haven’t had any problems and my daughter loves using it!

Its a great learning tool, fun for active adults as well!

Learners, students : how to learn French in 24 hours for app

Fun easy learning application. My 7 year old enjoys it tremendously!

Wonderful language learning application, lots of fun games!

My seven year old loves it as it is fun. He tried Duolingo first, but he didn’t really understand it.

My daughter is so happy learning french I went for the trial

It’s very helpful Fun & Exciting

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for free for pc
for translation, app

Very useful for kids and beginners.

I love this but on some type of game it seems as it has unlimited levels

I love It teaches French in a fun way

Kids and adults will enjoy it!

Very fun and educational!

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