How to learn a French text fastly ?

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How to learn a language text ?

The first thing you are going to do is read through your piece of writing and then copy it up. Once you have done this, write it up again, but this time do not directly copy from the piece of paper. You can still look at the paper but whenever you do highlight the words that you look at so you can see which ones you are struggling to recall. The next thing you must do is learn the highlighted words, and there are a few ways in which you can do this. You are going to write out the highlighted words three times on a piece of paper and write their translation once underneath. You will also say the phrases aloud to make sure you can link them together easily. It is important that you repeat the step of writing out the whole paragraphs without looking several times until you think that you are relatively okay with it. I also think it is important to say the whole paragraphs aloud. You may also want to film yourself saying it outloud, this means you can then watch it back likewise you could do a voice memo.

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How to memorize lines ?

How to memorize any lines of text, any lines of poetry really quick. It is really simple. It is just kind of doing this process that your brain somehow gobbles up this information and it is able to say it back. If you do this, you will get the lines in your head really fast, but you then have to maybe apply a technique to help kind of solidify it there for longer periods of time. But if you are on set, if you are about to deliver something and you need to get those lines right your head, this technique is almost fool-proof.

1 -Read over a few lines of a poem a couple of times to kind get the gist of it in your head.

Then what you do is, do it with a pen on a piece of paper just so you get that visual memory, is
2 – write down the first letter of each word.
Include punctuation and capitals if they have capital letters.

3 – Then what you try to do is try to read this, read it using first letter of each words, and may seem a bit impossible. But if you think about it and you remember a little bit a visual things that you saw when you first read it, you can kind put it together. If you cannot get it, you can always kind of look back, but you should be able to get this pretty quickly.

4 – So, then what you do is once you kind have that, read this over a couple times in your head.

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How to memorize a speech or a text ?

Read through a few times a text, just to kind of get the gist and it is okay if you do not memorize it at that point. The next step is to use the memory palace. It is a go-to thing to use when you have to memorize something, and memorizing text is not different. Among the athletes a lot of us kind of battle back and forth what is the right way to approach memorizing texts :
1 – Memorize every single word by putting them all in the palace
2 – Memorize the general phrasing of all the text and place those idea in the palace and then rehearse it enough so that you know the filler words.

The first technique will guarantee that you get everything because you put everything in your palace, whereas the second technique is more the idea and then you are going to use that repetition rehearsal. If your goal is to get something across very fluid and natural that this option si the way to go because you are going to have the ideas in your head and the rest will be rehearsed so you can use your palace as a guide to help you through what you memorize.

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How to remember words from a foreign language ?

The linking method is taking one image and linking it to another image. A French word and its English version. Imagine the one thing whatever it sounds like, whatever it reminds you of, some pictures for it, come up with a picture for the second thing and imagine them interacting together. That is linking. Taking these two images and smashing them together. For example, the word « butterfly » is unique in every language, at least almost all of them. Taking 10 different examples see how I would go about turning it into a picture and linking them together, so that you can take those examples and apply them to the French language and to whatever language that you want.
« Butterfly » in English.
« Papillon » in French , it sounsd like « puppy on » something. So I use « puppy on » to remember the word « papillon ». So I imagine (the picture in my mind) that the puppy is on top of a butterfly. To remember that it was the French language, we should add some element of French : a moustache or a beret.
Now try by yourself with others words, for example with the word revolution (revolution).

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