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Learning French? Improve your lexicon with ReWord:
• Thousands of French words and phrases divided into categories.
• High-quality pronunciations of English words available for downloading for each category.
• Ability to add custom words and categories.
• Smart learning algorithm based on the Hermann Ebbinghaus learning curve.
• Offline mode.
• Simple user interface with hints upon the first usage.

► Application: ” French 5000 Words with Pictures ” is the easy and fun new way to learn French, You can learn lexicon by seeing an images to illustrate words, with audio support phonetic transcriptions and pronunciation recordings by native speakers.
► It’s offline and free .No more boring when learning French, lexicon. Have fun and learn French, lexicon as easy as possible. Give it a try and download now !

► Quality audio pronunciation and images.
► No internet connection required while learning (offline).
► There are many mini games for you, playing game to learn French .
► Add all your new lexicon to Reminder, it will remind you to learn your French lexicon daily
► Commonly-used French vocabularies
► 100% Free: No limitations of content or functions in an attempt to make you buy a paid version. Everything is free.

Learners : best basic intermediate and advanced French learning apps
for app, vocabulary

Learning French lexicon is difficult and does not know where to start. Do not worry, the application is full of topics will give you a lot of useful lexicon.

Each lexicon has an illustrated picture and voice to make it easier to learn and remember.

Install the application and start right now to improve your French lexicon!

Wish you good learning!

Learners : French learning games app for app, vocabulary

Learn and Master French!

Learn new French words daily and improve your lexicon. Learn how to pronounce French words correctly!

With ‘Word Of The Day’ format, learning new words each day become very easy.

The application offers a rich lexicon without causing information overload.

Relevant and useful French words are added daily from trusted sources. Every word has Synonyms, Antonyms, One-word substitutions, Foreign Words & Phrases, Idioms & Phrases, Phrasal Verbs, and Important Words.

Key Features:
☞ Words picked by experts.
☞ Bookmark Words and View Later Anytime
☞ Definitions and example sentences for every word
☞ Top and Trusted Sources

Start learning French 🇫🇷 words quickly and effectively in just minutes! You’ll start memorising important French words, form sentences, learn to speak French phrases and take part in talkss.

French Word of The Day is the best way to get better at French with the least amount of efforts put in. Learn how to pronounce French words and get a better grasp of language.

The application helps you get better at french with one word at a time.

French learning tools for app, lessons, vocabulary

Learn French Vocabularies is an easy to use mobile French Vocabularies Phrasebook that will give visitors to France and those who are interested in learning French a good start in the language.


* 57 TOPICS: 2000+ common words.
* Carefully translated list of essential words
* Remind learn words
* No internet connection required
* Speak French
* French Listening
* French Testing
* Recorder

Contains over 2000 essential words in the following 55+ categories


Beginner : learn French grammar app for flashcards, app

Learn To Speak French With This Application Quick and Easy for beginner to Advanced Level Learners

>>> Contains
• 1500 French Lexicon
• 1100 French Phrases

>>> Application Features
• Learn French Offline
• Learn French Lexicon
• Learn French Phrases
• Learn French With Audio
• Easy To Use

>> A User Friendly Guide to Learn French While Enjoying With this Application,
you would only spend 15 minutes a day to learn basic french phrases, French lexicon and french verbs and most important french words,
while learning how to navigate through Paris and be informed about the best destinations in the most romantic city in the world.

Do you know what the hardest thing for a French people is?
Finding PROPER application that they can handle…which is precisely the reason we’ve built this application !

Teachers love giving out tough, expert-level literature to their students,
books that present many new problems to the reader and force them to search for words in a dictionary every five minutes,
it’s not entertaining, useful or motivating for the pupil at all,
and many soon give up on learning at all!

In this application we have compiled 3 Sections each section contains a list is easy-to-read,
compelling and fun that will allow you to expand your lexicon and give you a wonderful French tongue.

>>> Learn French Offline Easy, Fast & Fun
Learn how to pronounce French words and get a better grasp at French verbs while you explore great city attractions. At the same time,
this application will teach you how you can immediately start talkss,
ask for directions,
and ask for assistance in French.
which would allow you to save yourself from unnecessary embarrassment while travelling to a French-speaking country.
That means that this application serves as your ultimate survival guide in Paris!

>> Anyone Can Learn French in 15 Min a Day Following these Steps:
-Introducing the French and Alphabet
-Learn most common 100 french verbs
-Greetings and Some Small conversations
-french phrases
-Learn French Offline
-Telling Numbers in French Language
-Start conversations
-Eat in Paris
-Finding Your Way around Paris
-How to Tell the Time or the Date

This application includes Lexicon, Phrases and Verbs Lessons for absolute newbiess in the French language and Learn French Offline,
effective language learning.
Each course provides lists of spoken language practice, with an introductory talks,
Detailed instructions enable you to understand and participate in the talks.
Practice for lexicon introduced in previous courses is included in each course.

The emphasis is on pronunciation and comprehension, and on learning to speak French.
this application designed to provide you with an introduction to reading French and to speak french in less than 30 days.

>> What you can expect from this application :
This French learning resource is a combination of French lexicon application and a two-way basic French dictionary:
Part 1: Theme based French lexicon
This is the main part of the application and represents a list of chapters each containing French vocabularies for a certain theme. The French vocabularies in the chapters are unsorted on purpose to separate remembering them from a defined. You can start learning french for newbiess now.
Part 2: Basic English to French phrases
The index in the second half of the application can be used as a basic French dictionary to look up words you have learned but can’t remember or learn new words you need.
Part 3: Basic French-English french verbs
Easy to use and with just the right amount of words, this third part finishes off with a second index that allows you to look for French words and directly find the English translation
How to use this learning french for newbiess:
We suggest you first work your way through the phrases.
This will give you a great base for further studying and already enough lexicon for learning french for newbiess.
The French dictionaries in part two, English words you want to know the French translation for or simply to learn some new words.

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