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Beginners, students : visual way to learn French with learning books
for vocabulary

How to study effectively ?  
Want to master French lexicon ?

French flashcards are images/text/sound on cards, used to help remember new lexicon in French. Instead of simply reading the definition in a dictionary, the brain is also challenged via our several learning modes: Study, Slide show, Matching, Memorize, Quiz, Spelling to make the learning French language more exciting and fun.

French flashcards app includes 5000+ premade
French flashcards which cover the most used French words from 9 categories:




Food and Meals






Basic features :
Track study progress using Leitner system

Display statistics for cards and games

Search cardsets from our database with millions of flip cards on various subjects

Review schedule to help you review flip cards before they are expired

Customize flip cards by selecting font, background and languages.

Premium features :
Text to speech to study flip cards without looking at screens

Download unlimited flip cards to your devices for offline study

Customize text color and background color/images of cards

Students, beginners : best books to learn French in 30 days for vocabulary

Voclab helps you to learn more than 5000 French words in no time.

Our scientific proven algorithm reminds you at the exact time to review words so that you will never forget them. This ensures that you maximize your language learning impact with your precious time used as efficiently as possible. Voclab will gradually increase the difficulty of words to ensure that you gain first a solid foundation of basic words before learning more complex ones. This enables you to quickly gain a good understanding of the language.

Voclab gives you the following advantages :
Over 5,000 Words with high quality native speakers Audio (>250 words in free version)

All words have been carefully selected to cover the most important

French words Special algorithm that considers your personal learning character to speed up your memorization

Fun Multiple Choice Quiz to test your knowledge

Follow your learning progress with our Statistics and ongoing

Feedback Get additional information for each word (e.g. word form and word category)

If you need to prepare for a specific exam or topics, you can also focus on specific word categories or level of difficulties. You can choose words from more than 50 word categories and four levels of difficulties.

Our word categories cover all important French words, ranging from essential categories like colors, days of the week to more advanced categories of e.g. Economics and sciences.

The VocLab algorithm takes care that you always learn words appropriate to your proficiency level.

Voclab is developed by a team of language learning experts with ten years of expierence in developing language learning software.

If you like to learn more about our method, please visit our website at www.voclab.com.

Here are reviews :
This is exactly what I need. Hopefully the sentences can be read as well in the future.

Best French learning app for beginners and kids for app, flashcards,

Simple, effective French lexicon learning:

Flash cards are one of the best tools for memorizing information. This application provides a set of flash cards for memorizing lexicon. These electronic flash cards are used just like paper or cardboard cards. The English word is displayed on one side, and the French word is displayed on the other. You can hear the pronunciation of each word. You can go through the cards, and see how many words you get right. Once you feel confident in your knowledge, you can test yourself by taking the Quiz.

You can configure your learning experience by selecting the number of cards, category, and order of presentation.

Other great tools for learning and memorizing vocabularies are word games. The word games included in this application are Concentration and Mix & Match. You can use these games to improve your memory and word association skills.

Concentration is an educational game in which some cards are laid face down on a surface and two cards are flipped face up over each turn.

The object of the game is to turn over pairs of matching cards. A matching pair is one where an English word matches a corresponding French word. When a matched pair is selected both cards remain turned over.

The game ends when the last pair has been turned. The score is determined by the amount of time required to find all matching pairs.

In Mix & Match, a player matches English words to corresponding French words.

Words can be dragged around the screen. Any two words side-by-side are considered “matched”

The game ends when all words have been matched correctly.

The time you take to match all words determines your score.

Écolier comes with a lexicon of over 850 commonly used words. These words can be organized into “categories”, or user-defined groups, to make the learning process more focused and effective. There is also the option of adding your own words, as many as you want. The lexicon can be searched, providing a simple, handy English-French/French-English dictionary. Check out the help pages included with the application to see how lexicon items can be added, edited and deleted.

Learners, teacher : how to learn French in 24 hours for translation

Key Features :
Classify the words
Provide pictures to aid learning
Provide male, female standard both utterances
Listening, speaking, reading and writing all aspects of learning words
Play speed can be adjusted freely
Provide the voiceprint comparison, effectively correct oral

Words Category :
Scenic spot
Daily necessities

Here are reviews :

Great application for learning french. I really enjoy the extensive amount of flip cards and learning options. A good opportunity for quick study in between bus stops and classes

Learn fast  Wonderful !  This application helps you to memorize vocabularies in a professional manner. I enjoy it every day.

Teacher : how to learn French in 7 days for pronunciation, flashcard

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