Learning Books

I am going to show you my five favorite books to learn French. I have been using these books for years, I use one of them myself since I am a kid. Many French speakers use that book, so it is really helpful for a lot of people and I can say that it is really useful even for me as a French speaker. It is my mother tongue. Or the other one I have been recommending them to my student for a very, very long time. I am just going to find some pictures of it. One of them I have been using it since I am a child, the other one actually I have some of them and the other one I also recommend them to my students.

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The first book is the Bescherelle. First, I am going to talk about the one which is called un Bescherelle. Especially this specific book la conjugaison pour tous = conjugation for everyone. I was talking about a book that I have been using since I am a kid and it is this one, not exactly the same but it belongs to the same serie. So, if you do not know what is this brilliant book le Bescherelle it is for conjugation, this is a typically French book because it comes from Louis Nikola Bescherelle which was French. So, this is something important, this is a kind of booklet that we use as French speaker as well, even at school or at the university, we all have our own language course. So, when we were at school or at the university we all have one of these book in our backpack. It is really useful because it is all the conjugation that you can need and even do not need, like the really, really old tenses that nobody use it anymore. It is even in it. So, how to use it ? There is a table in which you will see all the verbs, you can check the verb that you want. For example, if you need Changer you might not have Changer with all the conjugation, but it might refer you to the one, for example, Manger because it is the same. What is important in these verbs is the ending –ger. So, the book is actually going to send you back to that page for more, maybe, I do not want you having everything. Check that so do not trust me for changer – manger. And then in this book you have all the things that you can need in French, so you have présentimparfait – plus que parfait – passé composé – futur  you have them all. That is why I think it is a must-have every French learner should have a Bescherelle.

Complete French All-in-one

The second one I have been recommending « Practice makes perfect, Complete French all in one ». If you are looking to start French as a beginner and move into more advanced all of it in one book, this book is perfect for that. Actually, there is a group of seven books but you can also have them separately. And if you have the book you are actually more likely to keep going studying. So, what does it include ? It includes basic French / complete French grammar / French conversation / French sentences builder / French verb tenses / intermediate French grammar / advanced French grammar. So, this is a very complete book. That is why it is called « Complete all-in-one in French ». So, it contains 37 courses and much more than 500 activities. If you are not consistent, if you are not motivated, the book is not going to practice itself. So, you really have to study every day. One point for this one is that it comes with an audio to practice your pronunciation, and flashcards for your vocabulary. So, you really cannot say that you do not have time to practice your French because we all have time for a cell phone application. And you use also Facebook and Youtube.

French : Short stories for beginners

This one, the third one « French story for beginner » : 20 exciting short stories to easily read the French language. This is a method that I have been using for a long time with my private students. We used to read a story and for each story we learnt some really specific grammar and conjugation rules and vocabulary. At the same time it is also very good to practice how to read in French, if you do not know how to read in French. This book has 20 short French stories so it is not really long, you know you do not discourage yourself just reading it. It includes basic vocabulary that we use every day in our conversations. It also includes basic grammar rules putting in a context. This is really perfect, I could not recommend another book for stories. And after each story you have a little quiz to answer to be sure that you understand correctly.

French all-in-one for dummies

My fourth favorite book is « French all-in-one for dummies » and this one comes with an audio. I do not know if you like this, I mean it is quite a particular way of teaching, I personally like it, some people hate it, it really depends on your style. I personally like the way it is taught. This one includes six book in one book. So, you have the first one is French for dummies / the second one is intermediate French for the dummies / the third one is French verbs for dummies / the fourth one is French essential for dummies / the fifth one is French phrases for dummies / the sixth one is French for dummies audio sets. So, it is really complete. If you buy the book you should have a CD with it. I suggest you should as well to buy the E-book. You can download the audio. This one has a total of 800 pages of lessons and activities.

Easy French step-by-step

My last recommendation « Easy French step-by-step ». This book is pretty self-explanatory. This one was recommended to me by one of the students I used to teach to, he is already using it. He had a really good French so I guess it is really useful. And it is really good if you do not know where to start, if you do not know what to study tomorrow, this one is really like you learn step by step. So, it is perfect if you do not know what place you should study or what you should study next because learning a new language can be a bit overwhelming. Well, with this one you will end up with a solid background in grammar with over 300 verbs and also all the exercises in the book. It is a really complete book.