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The application has been designed and developed in order to facilitate the study of French Grammar.

Learn French Grammar with this is amazing application and improve your French Grammar.
The application does not use internet to load data.
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FEATURES of the application:
This application does not use internet to load data so you will not lost any mobile data.
This application is 100% free to use and always will be
It does not take up much space in your memory.
There are 50 lessons on application to help improve your french grammar skill
Support quick search for topics and sub topics
The UI is designed friendly and beautiful
This application is compatible with all android versions 4.0.3 and up

COMMON french grammar:
1 Tenses
1.1 Overview of the Tenses
1.2 Present
1.3 Present Perfect
1.4 Imperfect
1.5 Imparfait-Passé Composé
1.6 Past Historicc
1.7 Pluperfect
1.8 Future
1.9 Near Future
1.10 Future Anterior
1.11 Irregular Verbs
2 Verbs
2.1 Avoir-Être
2.2 Infinitive Constructions
2.3 Participle-Gerund
2.4 Reflexive Verbs
2.5 Passive Voice
2.6 Imperative
2.7 Conditional
2.8 Subjunctive
3 Nouns and Articles
3.1 Gender
3.2 Articles
3.3 Plural
4 Pronouns
4.1 Personal Pronouns
4.2 Possessive Pronouns
4.3 Reflexive Pronouns
4.4 Relative Pronouns
4.5 Interrogative Pronouns
4.6 Demonstrative Pronouns
4.7 Indefinite Pronouns
4.8 Adverbial y and en
5 Adjectives
5.1 Masculine-Feminine form of adjectives
5.2 Comparative forms of adjectives
5.3 Placement of adjectives
6 Adverbs
6.1 Types of adverbs
6.2 Making adverbs from adjectives
6.3 Adjective or Adverb
6.4 Comparative forms of adverbs
6.5 Placement of adverbs
7 Prepositions
7.1 Prepositions
8 Sentence Structure
8.1 Declarative Sentences
8.2 Negation
8.3 Questions
8.4 Conjunctional Clauses
8.5 Indirect Questions
8.6 Participle Clauses
8.7 Relative Clauses
8.8 Conditional Clauses
8.9 Indirect Speech

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This application has been designed and developed in order to facilitate the study of French grammar. The book is divided into nine chapters. Each one concentrates on the basic problem areas of the language: nouns and articles; adjectives and adverbs; prepositions; numbers, dates, and time; verbs; interrogatives; negatives; pronouns; and special meanings of certain verbs.

Each grammatical or structural point is introduced simply in English. The explanation is further clarified by many concrete examples. It is recommended that you first read the explanation and then study the illustrative examples. You should then write out the answers to the exercises that follow. You should rewrite the entire sentence in fill-in-the-blank exercises even though only one or two words are required. It is recommended that you correct yourself immediately before proceeding to the next exercise. An answer key appears at the end of the book.

Many of the exercises involve authentic, meaningful contexts and practical, real-life situations to which students can relate. Some of the exercises will require you to understand meaning as well as form in order to successfully complete them. Other exercises provide for openended and personalized answers. These exercises will help you develop proficiency in French and prepare for communicative activities in your classroom.

One of the most difficult and tedious tasks in acquiring a second language is learning the many forms that exist in the language, whether they are noun, adjective, or verb forms. In Schaum’s Outline of French Grammar, all forms have been logically grouped in order to make their acquisition as simple as possible and also to minimize what at first appear to be irregularities. In many texts, the verbs courir, rire, rompre, and conclure are treated as separate irregular verbs in the present tense. You will note, however, that these verbs have a lot in common. The same endings as those for regular -re verbs are added to the infinitive stem except in the third person singular:

courir—il court, je cours, tu cours, nous courons, vous courez, ils courent

rire—il rit, je ris, tu ris, nous rions, vous riez, ils rient

rompre—il rompt, je romps, tu romps, nous rompons, vous rompez, ils rompent

conclure—il conclut, je conclus, tu conclus, nous concluons, vous concluez, ils concluent

This can be done with many verbs in all tenses. Making such groupings will greatly facilitate your task of mastering the many forms.

This application can be used as a review text, as a companion to any basic text, or as a reference book. In order to reinforce each point you are learning in your basic text, you may wish to get additional practice by doing the clear, logically organized exercises provided throughout this book. Each chapter contains review exercises. These sections are indicated by the gray bar in the outer margin.

Best free app for android to learn French for travel for pronunciation,
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Learn French Grammar with this is amazing application and improve your French Grammar.
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Common Grammars
+ Verbs
+ Pronouns
+ Sentence
+ Subjunctive
+ Adverbs
+ Prepositions
+ Coordinate conjunction
+ Subordinate conjunction
+ Tenses
+ Compound Tense
+ Interjection
+ Intonation
+ Nouns
+ Indefinite article
+ Conjugation
+ Conjunction
+ Definite article
+ Articles
+ Auxiliary verb
+ Active and passive voices
+ Adjectives
+ Exclamation
+ Gerund
+ Onomatopoeia
+ Orthographic accent
+ Possessive adjective
+ Demonstrative adjective
+ Demonstrative pronoun
+ Determiner
+ Expressions

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This application is published to summarize French grammar as soon as possible so that users can understand and practice French easily. Instead of having to bring a big heavy French grammar book with a lot of difficult knowledge, you only need 30 days to learn and practice French simply.

This application is designed as an essential tool for anyone who learns French as a foreign language. Without having explicitly learned the rules and grammatical structures of French, it is impossible to speak and write the language correctly.

You can also practice French grammar with this application.
This application includes:
The active or passive voice of
Indirect speech
verbs verbs
Active Or Passive Voice
Auxiliary Verbs
Question Tags
Reported Speech
adverbs, adjectives
auxiliary verbs Articles
determinants conditional conjunctions
Interjections prepositions Introduction Names
pronouns quantifiers
Question Tags
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1. Tenses
– Overview of the Tenses
– Present
– Present Perfect
– Imperfect
– Imparfait/Passé Composé
– Past Historic
– Pluperfect
– Near Future
– Future
– Future Anterior
– Irregular verbs
2. Verbs
– Avoir/Être
– Infinitive Constructions
– Participle/Gerund
– Reflexive Verbs
– Passive Voice
– Imperative
– Conditional
– Subjunctive
3. Nouns and Articles
– Gender
– Articles
– Plural
4. Pronouns
– Personal Pronouns
– Possessive Pronouns
– Reflexive Pronouns
– Relative Pronouns
– Interrogative Pronouns
– Demonstrative Pronouns
– Indefinite Pronouns
– Adverbial Pronouns “y” and “en”
5. Adjectives
– Masculine/feminine form of adjectives
– Comparative forms of adjectives
– Placement of adjectives
6. Adverbs
– Types of Adverbs
– Making adverbs form adjectives
– Adjective or Adverb
– Comparative forms of adverbs
– Placement of adverbs
7. Prepositions
– Prepositions
8. Sentence Structure
– Declarative Sentences
– Negation
– Questions
– Conditional clauses

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