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Create an immersion experience

In any way you need to have a lot of discipline, it could be fun sometimes, not everytime, and it is not funny. The satisfaction will come with the discipline ! Remember that. It takes years for some people to get fluency in a foreign language, even to have the b2 level. The key is the DISCIPLINE, in mastering the French language in less than one year, without professors and going to the university. What is important as well is the intensity of what you feel, the conviction you put into it, and the reasons (your motivation) : why do you want to learn French, why do you want to be fluent, why do you want to have easy conversations with French native speakers, why do you want to read the French newspapers… ? To be considered as a fluent person you have to be good at reading, writing, speaking and listening. You need to go through different stages to reach that, your brain needs to go through different stages, it needs to makes neural connections – resting – making neural connections – resting to strengthen them – …

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The fastest way to learn French is to do an immersion in a place in France or in a French speaking country (for example a small village in the countryside, or a small town) where you are sure to not meet expats or strangers, as you will be stuck to the French language. In French we say être au pied du mur it means you will only have the choice of learning and speaking French. It would be hard at the beginning (for example the conjugation is a bit hard), maybe you will feel lonely the first few months but this is the fastest way to make your memory working, it is better than movies and book resources, or studying at the university with teachers. It put you in a seriousness situation : if you want to buy the specific food you want, renting an apartment, getting the common words, the common expressions, and you have to say something, you can not never speak. It engages all of your senses : you smell, taste, see and hear. It gives you a consistent exposure. Being immerse is not possible for everyone, I mean going to live in the country of your target language, so the best way is to create a similar situation by reading, writing, listening ans speaking, you need to be determine for that. Use the words and terms you have learnt in your self study time in your daily life talks, I suggest you to study with all of your senses and to do it regularly.

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 I suggest you a way to organize one hour of studying, do it and if not suitable for you, find another way, try different ways until you find the good one for you. For one hour : 15 minutes for speaking, 15 minutes for listening, 15 minutes for reading and 15 minutes for writing. The challenge is to keep the pace for one year, if sometimes it is hard to keep going, I invite you to read again the first paragraph to remind you why you are doing it. Have a look at a variety of sources : you can watch movies, watch youtube channels to get used to listen to daily life talks, and listen to the French news to get daily life words. Do not forget to speak out to yourself, if you are at home and nobody can hear you, if your are in the public transports or walking down the street, you can do it in your head, this is a very efficient way to print in your mind the new informations your are getting.

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The study plan

-Study throughout the day, everyday, all the time.
-When you read something in an newspaper, a novel, on Google, put what you read (do it sentence by sentence) into French.
-Change the language of your computer and cellphone into French, very soon you will get all the words you need to know to navigate on these device.
-Watch a variety of films in French, and better thant hat, if you want to go deeper into the French culture, watch French films.
You can work a lot one day and another day study less to rest the brain. Step by step, for example while listening to the radio, you will see that you get the language without realising it. If it is important to study all the aspects of the language (reading, writing, listening and speaking), in my point of view it is more important to focus on speaking, because the sooner you can talk and laugh with people the better you will feel. The sooner you will reach the balance point of oral comprehension, the better your motivation will be to keep going on your learning journey.

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3 points to set up

1 – Having an active listening : knowing/loking for the meaning of each word or almost each word you hear.
2 – Thinking in French : when you want to ask for something, when you have a question, an idea, try to think in French before doing it in your mother tongue. You will improve faster while doing this : your memory,…reaching the b2 level quickly.
3 – Using a phrasebook/notebook : keep them with you everytime, in your bag, in your pocket,… for at least one year. To write words, idioms, their meanings.

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