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✔ Learn French by playing an exciting and beautiful game in HD
✔ Create your avatar from over a billion of combinations and go with him through this amazing adventure
✔ Discover all the secret Achievements and hidden bonuses

✔ 20 times faster learning than traditional methods – 750 new words each month
✔ Database of 21.000+ Words in 3 difficulty levels, and still growing (360 for free)
✔ Already translated into 17 languages (English, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, German, Tagalog, Hindu, Chinese, Ukrainian, Thai, Polish, Italian, Indonesian, Turkish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic)

✔ Compete with other people – Challenge your friends
✔ Share your progress – show people how fast you are becoming better each day!

(Arabic language requires Android v3.0 or higher)

Here are reviews :

This is FUN Highly recommended! (Yes, the exclamation point IS in order.) You need to have a mouse, touchpad is not fast enough.

Great! This app is awesome! Ok, so it’s a little silly but thats what makes it fun and makes you learn. I use this app along side with other boring books and audio tapes. This application won’t tell you about the grammar but it’s going to help you learn the word which are going to be very useful! I don’t know why people are rating this 1 star… It’s a fun application to help you learn. Thanks to the creators! 🙂

I love this application I’M learning Spanish and French. It’s great. And it makes it fun. My kids are going to love this application also. Thank you for such a great application, keep up the great work.

Pretty good It just teaches words….which is very useful despite what others here are saying. This along with Duolingo application go well together. I most likely will buy more packages once through with the free ones. Thank you developers !

Love this application ! Should have some more controls, then perfect: Multi users / Reset multi levels / Save multi profile daily base.. Thanks.!

Fun!! Really fun so makes it much easier to learn. Interface is easy fo understand and the game is simple to play. Good stuff!

Works awesome A child that reads could use and enjoy 😉 very decent approach

Learners, students : French learning whatsapp group for app

Looking for a mobile application on android, ios, windows phone? LingLing is the most advanced system of learning English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese and Thai! Program to learn languages, which does not require connection to the Internet, contains recorded samples and 21,000 words translated into 18 languages. LingLing uses a method of spaced repetition. LingLing is available on the appstore, google play and windows phone store. 

Game for learning foreign language, language learning program for mobiles and tablets.

The application for learning English – LgLg is the fastest way to memorize words. The application for learning Spanish language, which allows memorizing 30 words a day. The application for learning German language, which combines fun with studying. The application for learning French language, which combines game and software. The application to learn Chinese as a foreign language. The application for learning Thai language translated into 18 languages.

The best mobile application for learning English.

LingLing is a revolutionary flashcards for iphone, ipad, android and windows phone. You can learn the language wherever you are! You can download LgLg for free from google play, windows phone store and appstore. If you have a Nokia, Samsung, iPhone or iPad – now you can start learning languages for free! Learn Spanish on your phone has never been so easy. Vocabulary learning and German is now easy – learn 30 words a day with LgLg! Best application to learn English: LgLg – a system which will allow you to memorize words in the easiest way – while playing games on your mobile phone. LgLg is free and does not require an Internet connection.

For a long time everybody wondered how a new language can be learned in a simplest and fastest way. There has been many studies and research projects on the subject, but really no one has found a successful way. Since that time…

Some archaeologist, who until this day has retained his anonymity, many years ago discovered something that would change learning new languages forever. During one of his trips to Egypt, in the middle of the Sahara desert, he began excavations to uncover the remains of one of the Pharaohs, and in the meantime he discovered something completely different. The cave, to which he was able to dig to, he had found a device scheme that was sure left by aliens, because its complexity was much higher than anything he have ever seen.

The idea was, that all memorization is based on the forgetting curve – so the more days that pass, the higher chance, that he will forget the word. It was written, that if you repeat the word, when there is still big chance (like 90%) you remember it – next time, you remember it for longer time. It was so simple – that you just have to repeat the new word until today, and then after 3,7,20,60,180 days etc. With this method you use your time in most effective way – memorizing as many words as you can in very short time! This complicated scheme left by aliens was automatically showing you the words in the properly calculated time.

In secret, he compiled a group of top scientists from around the world, who for decades deciphered these patterns, and then built a device that was described. It turned out that it was unbelievably advanced in design and extremely effective and simple to use, language learning machine. In addition, the schemes provided information on how the prospective students should be prepared to use the machine.

The researchers speculated that this machine was used to ensure, that visitors from alien planets could easily learn our language, but it might also been very well used for the human race to learn languages. They also wanted to make it beautiful and fun – so added many games, motivational achievements and secret add-ons that would make the learning extremely enjoyable and interesting.

With such a work of art and knowledge, the mysterious archaeologist opened his own language school, which quickly became the best and most recognized school around the world. He named it, in honor of the shovel, that he used to dig through the cave (which by the way he had bought at the market in Thailand) – LgLg.

Beginner : learn French words for pronunciation, vocabulary

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