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This is my third video in my fluent in French series, and you can check out the previous two videos after this one. But, if you’re new here and you don’t know what I’m talking about : in 2020 I’m learning French. I’m basically trying to become an advanced speaker of French, and I want to become fluent in French because this is my biggest weakness. I just can’t speak fluently still yet. But I’m trying.This video is going to be different because of the current global situation, and it’s not going to be just an update, it’s going to be a steady /learn /revise with me. And I’m super excited, I’ve never done anything like this before. And I’m super super excited for you to join and maybe learn something new with me. So, my last video in this series was uploaded in February, and I told you that I was planning to speak more French and learn more in March and in April. However, when everything started happening in the world, I was kind of affected by what was happening. Everything started affecting me personally because I had moved to a different city at the beginning of March. And I had to move back home and that disrupted my life massively. And as a result my whole learning journey was disrupted as well. So, I didn’t learn a thing in March. Simply because I couldn’t find any motivation because I was navigating my life. Everything started to be weird and different and I had to find the new normal, I had to find a new video schedule. So, March was very very weird and strange I didn’t learn. I think it’s okay. In my first video in the series when I was talking about how I was planning to learn French, I said that learning French is going to be important to me, but it’s not going to be my priority this year, and that’s exactly what happened. In March French was not my priority, everything else was my priority. I had to reorganize everything, I had to find my feet and that’s the reason why. And they broke things started looking up but I still wasn’t learning anything. I think for the first two weeks of April I was not really in the mood for learning. And then in the middle of April I was like « okay I knew that I wanted to update you guys on my French learning journey in April » and I still wasn’t learning anything. So, I decided to do something about it. So, I decided to surround myself with French and by that point I hadn’t been watching anything or listening to anything in French really because I just didn’t want to do it.


But then everyone started talking about « the circle ». And if you don’t know what it is, it’s basically a new reality TV series on Netflix and there are four different versions of « the circle ». There is the US version, the UK version, the Brazilian version and the French version. And I was like I don’t really watch reality TV but if it’s in French and one of the youtubers and instagramers that I follow who is a French teacher when he recommended it, I was like okay . If he says it’s worth it, I’m gonna watch it. And I watched all of it in less than a week and I loved it. First of all it was just a fun experience and I was surprised at how much I loved this. But I learned so much French, I mean I surrounded myself with the spoken French everyday French. And everything was easier and easier for me to understand, like when I was at school or even when I was learning on my own. I never really watched anything like that, where regular people were talking normally and they used their natural expressions, and that was so much fun. I learned many new words like mec, meuf, kiffer, so that’s very exciting for me. And also my ability to understand spoken French went through the roof. I understood so much of what they were saying and also what really helped me was because there was this app they were like sending messages and when they were saying these things that they wanted to send the words appeared on the screen. And I could read and listen. So, it was perfect because I could see what they were actually saying. So, yeah I could understand everything. And that was an incredibly empowering experience because I grew in confidence and I think my ability to understand spoken French really really improved. And if you haven’t seen « Climax » I think you should but be warned that it’s not like anything you’ve ever seen before. That’s all I’m gonna say. So, I wanted to watch a film to surround myself with even more French. Just after the circle I was pumped, I wanted to watch everything in French and I was like I really want to watch it and so I watched it. And I’m not the same person anymore. So, yeah this is everything that I watched in April.


And I also did a few Pimsleur lessons. And if you don’t know what Pimsleur is, it’s an incredible language learning app. And I discovered it a few months ago and it’s honestly helping me so much with my speaking skills and my listening skills. And I did a few lessons and yeah I was really really happy about my results because my speaking skills were still quite good even though I was learning very very difficult things to pronounce, like negations with pronouns. It’s still very difficult for me. So, yeah that’s everything that I did in the past two months and I don’t want this video to be just about me watching « the circle » and « climax ». So, now I think we can learn something together. I got in so many comments on my past two videos of people asking me to teach them French and I was so flattered, I didn’t know what to say but I can tell you now that I can teach you French. I am still learning French myself and that’s how I came up with the idea to do something together and learn something with you and I hope you’re excited because I am I’m also terrified. But, here’s what we gonna do if you’re one of the students who might have to learn languages course.

Spaced repetition system with Pimsleur

You know that I used space repetition to remember what I’ve learned, and I haven’t really revised any that I’ve learned with Pimsleur. And this is what I want to do right now with you guys. So, I’m gonna open the Pimsleur app on my phone right now, and I thought that we can do some flashcard revision, we can do something together. So, basically penciler utilizes the space repetition system with their flashcards. And this is something that I really appreciate because it helps you retain information better, it helps you retain what you’ve learned better. And if you want to learn more about spaced repetition it’s an incredibly effective learning technique. Pimsleur uses it. So, that’s really good so we are going to study with some flashcards and also we’re going to go to speakeasy section, which consists of many different phrases that were used in a given lesson and you can listen to the phrases or to the whole sentences and you can repeat them or you can straightaway read them. And I think it’s going to be fun especially for my French viewers, that I know I have. And I didn’t think you’re going to have more fun than me because I’m going to embarrass myself or maybe not. I know that I have to work on my nasal vowels, we’ll get to that. So, if you hear me not really pronouncing the nasal vowels well, I know okay. Also, if you want to try out Pimsleur they have so many languages that you can learn. You can also learn English if that’s your jam, you can learn French, Spanish, literally any language. Let’s see together what it looks like and what we can do in this section. So, as you can see I’m in French level 4. And let’s go to flashcards master essential vocabulary okay. Do I want to practice French to English or English to French ? I think English to French will be too difficult for now so let’s go French to English.