If you have been seeking for resources in French and can’t seem to find them, there might be a reason why. I want to provide you the way that you can easily find resources in French.

So, you are looking for French verb practice exercises, and you are googling just that in your search. What is wrong with that ? Let us analyse it a little bit. The problem is that you are writing this in English. You are writing in English that you are looking for practice exercises for French. So, what you are going to get is not really going to be real French necessarily. It might take a little bit of time for you to possibly translate what you are looking for, or even ask your friend, or looking your textbook and look at the title to find out what you should be looking for. You should be writing what you are looking for in French. So, by typing out what you are looking for in the language that you are looking for, you are gonna have a greater library to find the resources you want. Another thing that you may want to consider is that when you are googling… let us be real, people are not necessary going to library are in a bookstore, doing the research it used to be. Now, a lot of people do it on the internet and that is the way it is. So, when you are googling something, what is it ? Are you using ? I would recommend you to use, for France. Because you are going to find resources tgher. It could be another French speaking country, and so the ending of the google will be different. It could be Canada, it could be Senegal,…it could be whatever it is, it does not matter. But the fact that is you do not want to have if you are looking for information from a French speaking country. You are gonna have greater resources if you get it from the country. The same goes when you are using Amazon ( or other resources : changing your settings to get Netflix in French to get more visibility on different movies in French. So again, it is very simple, all you have to do is start researching in French from French website what you are looking for to advance in French. This can be applicable to pretty much any language. So, if you are looking for something in a language, try to write down and look for resources and websites that are used in that country. So simple thing that you can do will definitely help you to find more accurate resources.    

Even if you already live in France, it can be really difficult to find the right atmosphere, the right environment, or even the right person with whom to practice speaking French. But, with the availability of the Internet there really is no excuse to not find the right resource that meets your needs and your preferences. So, today I want to go through three of my favourite online resources to make the most of opportunities to speak French. Roll that intro so to Demond my name is Alex and if you’re new here I’m an Englishman living in Montpelier in the sunny south of France. For the last few years I’ve been learning the French language mainly through self-study. I want to talk to you about three online resources which have helped me a lot to make more opportunities to speak and to get more out of them. Just before we go into it.

1 – Meet Up

My number one resource is Now, if you haven’t heard of it, is a website where you can find groups based around your favorite interests and hobbies so this is perfect for language learning here in Montpellier. There are probably close to 10 language exchange events going on every week being a native English speaker. You really have your pick of the bunch really because most people want to learn to speak English on meetup. You start by searching for your location and it will show you events based on your hobbies in your town or nearby and you will most likely find group language exchange events, they either take the form of a quest ruptured format such as we go lingo or franglish where you have eight minutes on French, eight minutes on English and then you switch to the other language.Or, there are more casual events where you go to say a bar or a pub and you just chitchat and there are sort of loose rules about how long you should speak in a particular language here in Montpellier. The first place I went to to make friends and so to practice the language was to a pub called Fitzpatrick’s and a group called Montpellier internationals hosts an event at the pub every Thursday. It’s still going now and you speak about an hour in French an hour in English, and it’s very casual and relaxes. If that’s your thing it’s fantastic for that like I say it shows you events both in your area and in nearby town. So, don’t worry too much if you live somewhere quite remote or more rural or with fewer language enthusiasts you can always look to nearby towns and if you still can’t find anything suitable, or if you prefer to practice online via video perhaps you aren’t already in France.

2 – Conversation Exchange

Number two is a website called It’s a website those free to some that sign up to you search for people in your area in your vicinity. If you want face to face in person meetings you look at their profile to see if it aligns with with your personality your interests perhaps age of the partner is important to you and what you do is you contact them or they contact you and you set up a one-on-one language exchange. You can either do this over Skype or you can arrange to meet in person or perhaps mix the two meet online first and then go and meet in person. It’s a great place to get one-on-one exchange time and this is my preferred method of doing language exchange because when I go it’s all about the language practice. And the friend making part is a great side effect of it if it happens. But, for me as long as I get on with the person and I can practice French that is the format that I choose but this can be a great resource for you if you don’t live near anywhere where there are public events going on you can either arrange to drive and meet in the middle with someone or you could just communicate over Skype.

3 – Italki

Number three and this is my personal favorite it’s a website called I I’ve been using it since I’ve been in France and I’ve used it in an array of ways. You can certainly use it for language exchange. There is a whole database of users looking for language exchange partners it could be anywhere in the world you add them as a contact, you communicate a little bit to see what their preferences are and what their requirements are and then you just go ahead and you communicate over Skype or whatever video call technology you want to use. But, it’s one of the other features of I talking that I have gotten the most out of purely because I found that looking for language exchange partners which stuck around or that I got along the most with or could see a long-term exchange relationship developing from just took too much time. And I was wasting time looking for the right person where I could just be practicing with a tutor. Now, a tutor and I talked, he is someone who speaks native a or close to natively the language which are trying to learn in this case French and for less money than a professional teacher who has qualifications in the language you can get informal conversation. Now, you can do this even if you’re at low level as long as you’re studying yourself, and what you want to practice in formal conversation can be fantastic. I’ve probably had between five and ten different teachers on there, I love the flexibility because you can look at calendar their schedule a teacher’s schedule and go in book when it’s convenient for you one great advantage is that being that lots of teachers live abroad, live in other time zones. You can often get lessons early in the morning or late at night whatever suits you whereas if you wanted a one-on-one tutor in person in the town where you live is probably far more expensive and they only work when you’re working or an inconvenient time for you. So, I really love I talk you for that and I must say it changed how I learned French forever, because the way it works is just so flexible and I like being able to practice from my own home from where I’m comfortable and being that I don’t use it that much for exchange I get all of the time for me and my French. But, if budget is really an issue for you then it has a fantastic language exchange feature on there and I should just say I’m in no way professionally affiliated with I talkie. I just love it as a resource and I couldn’t not recommend it to you if you would like to try out.