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Berlitz Self-Teacher: French

In this book you will find series of oral exercises, exercise to make you think in your new language, and improve your comprehension, and getting more fluency, consolidate your foundation.
Here is a part of the content, with different topics, with words in French and their translation into English :
Leçon 1. Qu’est-ce que c’est ? (what is this ?) : le crayon (the pencil), le livre (the book), le papier (the paper), la plume (the pen), non monsieur ce n’est pas la boîte c’est le crayon (no, sir, it is not the box, it is the pencil)… Then, there si the « Thinking in French » part, with the guideline « Answer the following questions aloud, then write the answers and check them in the key beginning on page 248 ». You will see several questions with different pictures facing them, the questions are : Est-ce le livre ? (Is this the book ? ), Est-ce le crayon ? (Is this the pencil ? ), Est-ce la table ? (Is this the table ?), Qu’est-ce que c’est ? (What is this ?), you have to say the correct answer. It is a machine learning, it’s very efficient to improve your language skills, particularly with short question and short answers, the brain will not make almost any efforts to get the French language.
Leçon 2. Les vêtements (Clothing) : Qu’est-ce que c’est ? (what is this ?), c’est le chapeau (this is the hat), la chemise (the shirt), le pantalon (the trousers), la robe (the dress), le sac (the handbag), la montre (the watch),…It contains as well, like all trhe courses,  the « Thinking in French » part.
It is out of date but it is a good book and a good method to learn Fench fast. It is very useful and easy to go through, and clear. This is a nice way to start approaching the French language, if you do that on your own and if you can read english already. It is one of the good texbooks to learn a lot and basic grammar fast. It does not have deep grammar explanations, it is repared to teach to learner to speak through conversations. I recommend you to use it everyday and to do all the exercises. You can buy it in combination with cds.

Total French Foundation Course: Learn French with the Michel Thomas Method

A famous one among the French textbooks.It comes with cds (to get conversations skills). During these courses, you will join Michel and two students in a live session, learning from both their successes and their mistakes to keep you motivated and involved throughout the course, and having a better comprehension of the language, and getting more fluency. You become the third students and participate actively in the class. You will learn through your own language. It gives you the time to answer the questions, so you can train easily. You can transfer the disk to iTunes and work trough the tracks. I suggest you, each day, to review the last course before starting the new one. You can learn at home or on the move (in your car with an MP3). The method uses some very sensible logic and it is a really good idea to obey the rules (do not overthink, do not really practice, do not do homework), but rely on repetition and familiarity to embed the learning. The word-stock grows very quickly. The explanations and method used to develop understanding and knowledge of French was brilliant. Here si a testimonial : « I had in my youth been taught French at school but never really felt confident to speak it and this method is fantastic and makes me believe that I could actually become fluent in French », « Very easy to follow, either join in or listen to the students taking part. Sentences are built up and suprisingly quickly you are able to construct your own sentences ».

French in 10 Minutes a Day

Fun computer activities, useful study tool, and an easy oral guide to make learn French easy and enjoyable. With a focus on practical words and phrases (for different topics), wich every traveler needs, you will learn to ordering a meal, greeting the locals and finding your way around town, all in French. You have to take 10 miutes a day to study, which is not a lot, I am sure you can find that time in your daily routine, it is not overwhelming. The program is created so you can work at your own pace.  You set the pace and you decide when you are ready to move to the next step. You will learn key question words so you will be able to ask for what you need, money and numbers so you can shop and pay bills, directions so you can get to your destination. Word games, puzzles and interactive modules are strategically put into the program to help you succeed. It is a 132 page illustrated workbook. It includes the language learning software with interactive modules to hear the words (PC and Mac). 150 sticky labels (both in the book and for the computer) to place around the house and office to learn new words without any extra time or effort. Flashcards (both in the book and for the computer), you can take them and review the words on the go. A menu guide, so you can practice at your local restaurant and take it on your trip. A guide to improve your accent with phonetics above each French words. A glossary of more than 2000 new words, definiton.

Beginners, learners : best book to learn French vocabulary for vocabulary

Beginners : interactive book to learn French for pronunciation, vocabulary

Learners : the easiest way to learn French for lessons, pronunciation

Teacher, speakers, students : best book to learn to make conversational French easily

Students : learn French step by step easily for resources, lessons 

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For others conjugations textbooks, movies, or books with parallel translation, to be better French speakers, have a look to previous articles.