How to learn French with music ? 8 songs to practice

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Learning French while listening to music can be more relax compare to study French with textbooks or similar resources. Listening to music can help you learning French, because it is nice to do it, it is a fun activity. If you have fun in doing an activity, you will feel good and you will have more success. Learning and relaxing is a nice combo. It can helps you to get the language faster, with no professors, no lessons, teachers are gone . It helps to be more comfortable with the language. And you will not just learn the language but also a part of the French culture. If you have difficulties, that is ok, sometimes even the native speakers have frustration to not understanding all the lyrics.

Find one you like with easy rhythms, artists you like, it is very important ! If you listen to something you do not like you will not learn well. French music has severa genres, genres with different rhythms. You will listen better if you take one you like.

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Go through these 7 steps

1-Listen to the songs several times
To see if you really want to learn this song (cette chanson in French). 
2-Find the lyrics and the transcript on Google.
Listent to it while you read along in French, and make a mental note (or underline) of anything that pronounced not how you expected, and also on the rythm of the language.
3-Consider the song’s meaning 
Listen to the it again and look at any words that are emphasise, to convey the meaning of it.
4-Have a go ! Identify easy / hard parts
Try to sing along at normal speed, like French speakers. You might struggle a lot to do it, but you might also find some parts you can already do it very well, underline the section that will need a lot of work later on. Try to catch words here and then.
5-Master it at slow speed
Put it into a slow speed on youtube and start learning it. Start at the beginning of the song and just keep going up to the end of the first section, until you can do the first section perfectly. Then start from the beginning and go to the end of the 2nd section, until you can do it correctly,then… This process might be slow at the beginning, but with the training it will be faster. If you have any trouble to sing it, it can be helpful to look at covers of songs and also live performances where the singer might sing slightly different or it might just bit clearer. It can be good if your are stuck in a section.
6-Master it at regular speed
Repeat step 5 but at normal speed.
7-Record, compare, repeat
Record yourself, compare to the original one, keep recording yourself until you are satisfied that you sound as much like the original as you can.


It is very good for the memory. It helps to retain the words because of the melody. Find a tune you like, a tune you like singing under the shower or outdoor while walking down the street, or in a terrasse of a café. You can have a melody in your brain for a lot of years, so it is a very nice way to growing your stock-word. It is better than just recite lists of words.

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The French way of speaking

It gives you an insight on how the French people say things. You will learn the nuances of the language and the specifics expressions.

Improve your accent

When you listen to songs you tend to focus on the accent and the intonation, and the tune helps for that.

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Music to help you to learn French easily and quickly

Here are several artists, each one with une chanson.

Stromae : Alors on danse

I am pretty sure you know Stromae, he was a very famous worldwide. It was his first song to be released as a music video on television. You will hear electro and pop. It tells the story of an office worker living in stress and in need of relaxation. It is a nice one for la danse as well.

Carla Bruni : Quelqu’un m’ dit

It is the first album of the French-Italian singer and model Carla Bruni. It is a beautiful love song.

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Brassens : La mauvaise réputation

Author of more than two hundred popular French songs, with sometimes old expressions, he sets music and performs his poems with the guitar. It was banned from broadcasting when it was released. In a village, the population does not appreciate the way of life of a quiet nonconformist, who refuses to attend the national holiday of July 14 or who lets the apple thieves go by.

Goldman : Au bout de mes rêves

He sang in groups but, it is mainly his solo career that allows him to establish himself as one of the most popular music star of his generation. It talks about someone who will do everything he can to realize his dreams.

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Sardou : En chantant

He is a very famous in France. It evokes the childhood and his father.

Francis Cabrel : Petite Marie

Francis Cabrel  is a French singer-songwriter. Petite Marie is by Francis Cabrel, dedicated to his wife Mariette.

Zaz : Je veux

She became a star in 2010 with Je veux, taken from her first album, Zaz, and therefore enjoyed international success. This is the first single from his first studio album.

Noir Désir : Le vent nous portera

Noir Désir is a French rock band. This single is the best-selling single in the history of the group with more than 250,000 copies, thus obtaining the label Golden .

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