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Hello good day thomas..
I don’t know how to say thank you, you are amazing, always help people learning French by sending a fantastic gift (free-book).. I really appreciate your huge support… merci beacoup – Inyoman

Yes I read the 2 E-BOOKS. I really appreciate them. I thank you very much. They are very interesting. Merci beaucoup ! – Malika

Good morning 
Yes I read the 2 E- BOOKS and I will read them once more.
Indeed they are very interesting
Thank you very much – Inaam

Thank you for sending the two free E-books.  I appreciate your gift.  I like that your examples are completely in French. – Missie

Dear Thomas, 
I am really enjoying reading these books. I like the way you have prepared « le masculin et féminin en français » because they have the article so it is easier to memorize them.
Thanks for the gift of these books I really appreciate them.
Merci beaucoup ! – Rita

Dear Thomas,
Thank you for the eBooks. They look just like what I was looking for in order to become proficient in knowing when and how to use prepositions and gender in nouns well.
Best – Juan Carlos

Dear Thomas
Thanks a lot for the two E-books you sent me. The pages I have checked so far are really interesting and I am sure they will dispel some doubts I have about this beautiful language. My current level is A2 (I think). 
Kindest regards – Jorge

The French Preposition DE + Video BONUS 🎥
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Thanks for the nice videos they are really interesting Merci beaucoup – Inaam

1 to 1 French lesson 👨‍🎓

Thomas is a good teacher, caring and ready to listen and help me about my needs. He helped me to consolidate and improve my French. I totally recommend him ! – Barbara

You are a teacher with plenty of ideas and your method is really original!😊 I like it very much!👌 – Régis

Very nice and entertaining teacher. Try it, you won’t be bored !!! – Kasia