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Practise & Learn: French (Ages 9-11) – with vocab CD-ROM

Here is a part of the content :

Hello → Bonjour
What is your name ? → Comment t’appelles-tu ?
Numbers → Les nombres
Colours → Les couleurs
Months → Les mois
My family → Ma famille
Animals → Les animaux
Clothes → Les vêtements
Food → La nourriture
What do you like doing ? → Qu’es-ce que tu aimes faire ?
What time is it ? → Quelle heure est-il ?
The weather → Le temps
In my town → Dans ma ville

Packed with fun and colourful French practice matched to the latest National Curriculum, this book & CD-ROM set is ideal for Ages 9-11. Plenty of useful words is covered, with a range of engaging question types and tips to keep children interested. There’s also a ‘Listen and Learn’ CD-ROM (for PC and Mac) of words and phrases recorded by native French speakers, plus a pull-out booklet with answers to every question and useful notes for parents.

Here are reviews :

I love this workbook. I am using it for myself to remind me of the basic french i know! Ideal for children as well. Clear and concise, has pictures to help understand. Lots of different activities to help learn and remember. Highly recommend.

This was recommended by school and my son worked his way through the book over the summer holidays. He learned a lot, nice bite sized sections. Spanish next!

Brilliant and useful book like most of these are.

Will 100% recommend. Delvery was fast.

Helped my nephew for his first trip to paris

Students, learners, teachers : best French radio for learning French online rfi

This is the third in a series of French workbooks (aimed at ages 5-7, 7-9 and 9-11). There is also a similar set of workbooks for teaching Spanish. With every primary school going to offer a modern foreign language from September 2014, these workbooks will be a good complementary learning aid. It is never too early to begin learning a new language and, like other workbooks in the CGP range, this is a bright, colourful and enjoyable book, which will appeal to children. This workbook teaches useful French phrases, colours, months, family members, animals, clothes, food, conversation and questions, the weather, in my town, masculine and feminine and plurals. There is a useful CD-Rom, which will give your infant the correct pronunciation of each word, and which is very useful to use in conjunction with the workbook. Although the term workbook suggests it will be a struggle to work your way through, in fact it is a lot of fun – there are French words to unscramble, word-searches and other puzzles, which present learning something new as a lot of fun. There is also a useful pull-out answer section. Overall, a really good buy and a well presented, useful book which will appeal to children.

Students, child : learn French for kids for lessons

This has been a popular acquisition, as it is exactly the right level for our household. Starting with simple greetings, and moving through basic concepts, numbers, clothes and colours, it moves onto simple phrases about what you like doing and where things are in your town. I think the practice bits are useful, but we’ve mainly been using it as a way of confirming the first hundreds words or so of French that form a good basis for later language learning. In reality, kids need to learn the sound of the language, the little phrases everyone uses like ‘Doucement’, for go gently, but this book does provide a way for children to confirm they have some basic words to use, that they can listen out for in their environment when they visit France. A really good basic starting place. I suppose the only question I’m left with is about how we approach language learning in general – realistically, most children would be better off at this age with an entirely oral non-written approach, but that can’t be helped, that’s not how they do it in school! So I’m marking it for what it set out to do, rather than for what I wish it did in an ideal world….

Students, child : learning French DVD for beginners and toddlers
for vocabulary

CGP books, need no introduction in our household. Having two girls who went through GCSE and A-levels I think we must have been through every book that they publish – but not this one. I have to say that for the indicated age range, then it’s amazing. It is easy to use, has lovely little puzzles and word searches and attains the holy grail of learning – it’s fun.
I can only remember back to the time I started French courses at my Grammar school at the age of 11 but this wonderful book, I am sure would have got me started even at that age much more quickly. I loaded the CD up on my Mac and it installed within minutes and what’s more it seemed to put itself in the right place (unusual with the Mac where you have to drag things in to the Apps folder ) and just needed a little click to launch it. The contents of the book are nicely covered in the CD and as one would expect it also teaches one the correct enunciation. The other point of note is it’s brilliant value for money. Overall, highly recommended and certainly worth buying for any infant, and for a good many adults who are starting out in French. Many thanks.

Learners, beginners : learning French books for children for vocabulary

This is a colourful workbook, with a ‘cheap and cheerful’ design. The clip-art style graphics, courtesy of CorelDRAW, are just eye catching enough to keep the pupil interested, without proving to be a distraction. The makers of this book have done everything they can to make learning French fun. There is a mix of exercises, including unscrambling groups of words, filling in the blanks, word search, question and answers, linking boxes and more. The book has 15 sections: Hello!, What is your name?, Numbers, Colours, Months, My family, Clothes, Food, What do you like doing?, What time is it? The weather, In my town, Masculine and feminine and Plurals. The centre pages are in black and white and contain the answers. You could pull this section out if you wanted to. This section also contains some helpful learning tips for some of the pages. The Vocab CD-ROM is an excellent edition to the package, especially if, like me, you are a parent who hasn’t spoken French with any regularity since school. The program installed on the first attempt. Once loaded, you no longer need the disc. It’s useful to hear the words spoken aloud correctly. Overall, this is a great package.

Why and how to learn a French essay quickly for lessons, resources

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